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Weight Tape Cattle Pig Goat Horse Save the Guess Work!

Weight Tape Cattle Pig Goat Horse Save the Guess Work!

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Weight Tapes
Standard roll-up fabric tape.  Please select which type you require.
Calf: especially for Holstein dairy calves from newborn to 280lb (127kg). Available imperial only.
Veal: for estimated weights of veal calves from 65  to 460lb (30- 200kg). (Veal calves are presumed  to be heavier than dairy at same age.)   Available  imperial only.
Dairy: three scales for different breeds - jersey   guernsey and holstein. Weights 30 to 800kg.
Beef: three scales for different body conditions from  thin to fat. Weights up to 700kg.
Goat: weights up to 88kg (105cm girth).
Pig: measures both body length and girth to get  more accurate measure. Weights from 125lb to  260lb (53-118kg) but available in imperial only.
Horse: to measure height in hands as well as estimate weight of ponies and horses up to 600kg


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