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Feeder Bottle Lamb / Kid , non vac

Feeder Bottle Lamb / Kid , non vac
Feeder Bottle Lamb / Kid , non vac
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Over the years, we have bottle raised many baby goats, and having tried numerous diffferent bottle types, this one is our definite favourite for new borns up until the age where they can manage more than 500ml/feed.

This baby-quality strong and clear polycarbonate bottle cleans and sterilizes properly, unlike standard polypropylene bottles.

the clarity makes for easy visibility of milk level and flow.

Like babies’ bottles, the teat can be inverted with a special screw-down cap to seal-off milk, which is great for transporting full bottles.

Concealed non-leak air inlet prevents bottle vacuum (no more collapsed bottles!).

The soft latex teat has a hollow-cone tip, which can be cut at different points depending on whether you have a weak, slow drinker (cut closer to the end to create a smaller hole) or a fast, vigorous one (cut higher up the teat to create a larger hole). 
Bottle is 500ml capacity, marked in 50ml graduations.  

Replacement teats also available.

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