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10 litre German Style Fermenting Crock Harvest Pot with stone weights

10 litre German Style Fermenting Crock Harvest Pot with stone weights
10 litre German Style Fermenting Crock Harvest Pot with stone weights
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Make Probiotic vitamin enriched foods full of natural enzymes including traditional sauerkraut, kimchi pickles plus more of your favourite vegetables.
Numerous studies have shown the beneficial health effects of fermented food, especially fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut or kimchi. Fermenting vegetables is a tasty way to preserve while locking in all the healthy enzym
es and probiotics.

This 10 L Sauerkraut Crock fits up to 8 - 10kg of cabbage and will make over 8 jars full of sauerkraut or kimchi which lasts up to three months when stored in the fridge.
We recommend our Weck jars with Keep Fresh lids to store your fermented products.

Note that the capacity is the MAXIMUM capacity.  If you wish to only ferment a smaller amount of produce (as a guide we recommend no smaller than 3kg), this is still possible, provided you follow the correct fermenting techniques, ensuring that all the produce is fully immersed in brine and the moat around the top of the crock is kept full of water.  For smaller batches again, check out our range of smaller glass fermenting jars.

The TSM German style fermentation pots replicate traditional European design. Each crock is constructed with a water sealable cover or gutter to 
keep-out oxygen, while allowing fermentation gases to escape. They are perfect for making sauerkraut and kimchi as well as fermenting a wide variety of vegetables including, beets, beans, carrots, cucumbers and much more. Lead and Cadmium free. 2 piece stone weights included.

TIP: If you would like a faster or more reliable fermentation we recommend to use our vegetable culture when making sauerkraut or kimchi with this crock.

When making sauerkraut, a few of the outer cabbage leaves should be placed over the sliced cabbage, before the stone weights are added. The cabbage leaves will hold the sliced cabbage in place while keeping small bits of cabbage from floating around in the brine. Cabbage leaves can also be used to hold other vegetables in place too. They will not affect the taste.  There are also recipes that call for the use of grape leaves and oak leaves to be added to the brine like you would add a bay leaf so you can also cover the top layer with these leaves too.  You can also use a layer of cheese cloth or cut a sheet of silicone to size and place it under the stone weights, for all ferments.
If you break 
stone weight,it will normally break into two large pieces rather than shatter into a hundred pieces like a piece of glassware. In this instance, just place the 2 pieces together in the crock to make 3 separate pieces. 
These crocks have a wider moat and a slightly different shape to the Czech made crocks.

Dimensions25cm x 28cm x 33cm

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