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Bulk sprouting seed

Bulk sprouting seed
We sell our most popular sprouting seeds in bulk packs up to 1kg.  Please contact us if you require larger quantities which may be subject to lead times depending on seed availability.
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Barley Seed Sprouting Organic Bulk Quantity

(Hordeum vulgare) - BFA Certified Organic   Barley is an annual grain to 1 metre. Good green manur..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Broccoli Seed Sprouting Bulk Quantities Organically Certified

(Brassica oleracea) - OGA Certified Organic Broccoli Sprouts are a great source of vitamins and..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $16.32

Buckwheat Seed Bulk Sprouting Organically Certified

Fagapyrum esculentum  BFA Certified Buckwheat is an ancient food plant that has been in use for ..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Mung Bean / Bean Sprout Seed Sprouting Bulk Quantities Organically Certified

Vigna radiata BFA Certified Annual legume to 60cm. Sow Spring-Summer. Green plant used as green ..

$2.95 Ex Tax: $2.68

Seed Alfalfa / Lucerne for Sprouting Bulk Quantities

Medicago sativa Alfalfa is the most popular sprout with a delicious nutty flavour. It is highly..

$9.96 Ex Tax: $9.05

Wheat Seed Sprouting Seed Bulk Quantities Organically Certified

(Triticum aestivum) - BFA Certified   Annual grain to 1m, useful forage crop, green manure, mulch ..

$11.00 Ex Tax: $10.00