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Cheesemaking Equipment

Most of our cheesemaking kits contain the basics needed for making cheese but you may want to upgrade to a different type of cheese or buy more things such as plastic draining mats which are fantastic for virtually all types of cheese.

Model: 73327
White Wrap 10 pack 240x240Best for: Camembert Brie and other white moulded cheeses. This wrap is micro-perforated to allow the cheese to breath over a 6-10 week period during which the external white mould can infuse the interior. The dull side of the paper is designed to absorb any excess moisture while the shiny side with holes protects the cheese from dying out whilst still allowing the che..
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Model: 73321
Paper Wax Coated Wrap 10 pack 480 x 480Best For: long term refrigerated storage of your finished cheeses.   The waxed coated paper is waxed both sides which helps to retain moisture in the cheese while still allowing the cheese to breath and further develop without drying out. The wrap is perfect for wrapping both soft and hard cheeses before selling giving away as gifts as well as prolonging ..
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Model: 73324
Wrap Silver 10 pack 240 x 240Best for: Creamy Brie Camembert or mild blue cheeses. This micro-perforated silver cheese wrap ensures that the cheese is able to breathe under a controlled environment during the entire maturation process of up to 10 weeks. It is especially great for developing milder blue cheeses and is also good for making white mould ripened cheese such as Brie or Camembert. ..
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Model: Nut Milk Bag
100% natural cotton nut milk bags x 2Make your own delicious and nutritious nut milk with the help of this pair of natural nut milk bags.Simply soak the nuts in water for 4 - 24 hours, strain, rinse and then blend with water before straining through the nut milk bag.  Fresh nut milk can be stored in the fridge for 2 - 3 days.The bags can also be used to strain fruit juice from pulp to..
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Model: Ogilvies cheesecloth
Can be used for straining sauces, soups and stocks, seasoning bouquets, wrapping cheese, meats and poultry and even for polishing stainless steel.  It is also useful for straining coconut and nut milks.Medium weave: fold in half for tight weave and finer straining.Cloth is 200 x 104 cm and comes with 200cm of cooking string.We recommend washing the cloth before first use...
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Model: 33106
10lb / 4.5kg weight to use with either model of Dutch Cheese Press...
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Model: 73121
A calibrated beaker used to dilute rennet or lipase in the right amount of cooled boiled-water to ensure it is evenly distributed within the milk...
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Model: 73152
The maturing box is used to mature your cheeses that need to be kept humid and in a sterile place. The rack inside is removable and can also be used for drying fresh and hard cheeses...
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Model: Loose weave cheesecloth
Ideal for making hard cheeses!For cheese making, one of the most important things is to have is a good cloth to drain the curds and whey.You must use a cloth that has the right weave for the type of cheese you are making, and is strong enough to be washed and used again.Butter muslin is an excellent loose weave 100% cotton cloth, for all your Hard Cheese making needs, and can be washed..
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Model: 3536-1
Cotton looseweave bleached cheesecloth in a large pack of 2.5 square metres.100% cotton fibres.Ideal for cheesemaking and also polishing, cleaning and drying.We recommend washing the cloth before first use...
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Model: 3596
Tired of ragged looking cheese blocks or the kids cutting off huge chunks from the block?With this cheese slicer you can cut professional looking slices every time in either a thin or thick slice.Available in a range of colours, selected randomly.Please let us know if you have a particular colour preference...
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Model: Ozfarmer Thermometer
Ensures accurate monitoring of the milk temperature to certify optimal conditions for starter cultures and enzyme when making cheese. This thermometer measures temperature in both celcius and fahrenheit. It is a metal thermometer and has a 22cm stem.It also has a small red marker which allows you to set the temperature you are aiming for to easily monitor it.  ..
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