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Temperature Controller - home brew beer / cheesemaking / kombucha

This temperature controller is a heating and cooling regulator to ferment your beer or mature your cheese at controlled temperatures.

It can be used with your fridge and heat pad/belt  with both plugged into the controller at the same time.  No additional wiring or probes: just plug it in!

Turn an old fridge into your own cheese cave!  Can also be used for other incubation applications, such as fermenting, yoghurt making and wine cellaring.  Works well with kombucha, like a kombucha heat pad,  in cooler climates to help keep the fermentation process ticking along.

Just plug one side into your mains power and then plug the other into the device you want to control the temperature of e.g. fridge, heat pad. This model comes with two plugs.

Temperature control range  -50C to +99C

Power supply 220VAC + - 10%

Watt consumption 5W

Accuracy + _ 1C

Note the plug is a universal plug but is tight so it is best to insert the bottom prong of the plug into the plug first. The fit is really tight.

How does it work?

The controller has a sensor which allows you to ferment out your brew at your desired temperature. 

The controller works with 2 devices plugged in at once.

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