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Vegetarian Rennet 50ml

CHY-MAX is nature's own milk clotting enzyme; pure Fermentation Produced Chymosin. It is suitable for vegetarians and can also be used in making a variety of Kosher cheeses.  

It is widely used in the commercial cheese making industry to coagulate the milk for cheese and junket making. It contains no animal tissue and is therefore particularly good if you would like to make vegetarian cheeses.

CHY-MAX is manufactured by CHR Hansen and is certified Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and GMO free. 200 IMCU.

Use between 0.2 and 0.5 ml per litre of milk. Dilute product in un-chlorinated water before adding to milk

For longest duration,store in the refrigerator.  It can be stored at room temperature for up to one month which is why it will be fine to send via post but we do recommend storing it in the fridge once you receive it.  

Note that the rennet is repackaged from bulk size containers under strict hygiene conditions.

Product lasts 12 months when stored correctly




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