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Cheese, Yoghurt and Butter

Making your own cheese is not that hard, particularly soft cheeses like mozarella feta and haloumi.

Hard cheeses and specialty cheeses are a bit more time consuming but with our kits and a bit of patience you can craft delicious cheeses at home.

For beginners we recommend our Ozi cheese kit to start out with or the Artisan kit which has the equipment to make most popular cheeses.

We also offer a range of replacement ingredients if you are already well embarked on your cheese making journey.

Model: 73549
No it’s not a typo: mylk is the word used to describe non dairy versions of milk.Many of the nut mylks sold in supermarkets contain lots of fillers and not much of the actual nutty goodness.When you make your own, you know exactly what it going into your finished product.he Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit contains everything you need to create, experiment and perfect your nut mylk time and ti..
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Model: Ozi Cheese Kit
The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit Make fresh, soft and hard cheesesCheese making is not as hard as it might sound and with this cheese kit, even a beginner can make a range of cheeses to astound your friends and family!The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit contains ingredients to make up to 15kg of cheese!, depending on the types of cheeses you choose!Select from a range of soft Italian cheese..
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Model: Ozi Yoghurt Kit
Ozi Ezi Complete Pro-biotic Yoghurt Kit  WITH Yoghurt Jars! Home Made Yoghurt!Make your own delicious probiotic yoghurt (or soy yoghurt or Greek style / yoghurt cheese) at home. Perfect for beginners and advanced users with all ingredients and equipment included. It takes just 10 minutes to make 10 litres (10 quarts) of yoghurt.Kit Contains:Butter Muslin 4 sachets of 2 different P..
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Model: 204992
This is an economical unit ideal for the home-pasteuriser. It uses the same principles as the best commercial pasteurisers, including pressurized heating and vacuum-sealed cooling.It is thermostatically controlled to 70°C and has automatic shut-down when the process is completed.Can be used to pasteurise milk and also juice, beer and wine.Constructed of aluminium and stainless steel pa..
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Model: 73002
White Mould Culture Blend 5 packThis is a freeze dried mixed blend culture containing Penicillium Camemberti AND Aromatic Mesophilic (Flora Danica). So you no longer need to purchase Penicillum Camemberti and Aromatic Mesophilic seperately. Penicillium Camemberti (ZX27) (also known as Penicillium candidum or Penicillium caseiolum) is essential in the ripening process of white surface mould..
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Model: 73123
Pipette for Cheesemaking 3ml A very handy measuring instrument made of plastic used to measure or transfer small amounts of rennet or lipase as well as calcium chloride...
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Model: 73154
Plastic Cheese MatPlastic cheese mat with elevating feet used for draining and/or air drying cheese. ..
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Model: F29
Cheese Salt adds flavour and helps preserve cheese. It is non-iodised as iodine inhibits growth of the starter culture.Can also be used in pickles and does not contain anti caking agents.Note that the picture of the shaker is for illustration purposes and you are actually just buying salt.For pickling salt please see our listing for pickling salt.available in 250g and 1 kg bags...
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Model: 73140
Small Ricotta Container and BasketThis ricotta basket is specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist.  Has a handy storage container too.Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.5 cm Bottom Diameter: 7.5 cm Height: 7 cm..
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Model: 73519
Specialty Cheeses Ingredient Kit for Camembert and Blue Style CheesesThis kit contains everything you need to make your own Camembert, Double Cream Brie, Stilton Style Cheese, French Neufchatel and Blue Vein Cheese!This kit is ideal for intermediate to advanced home cheese-makers. Each cheese takes approximately 1 day to create (not including ageing time) and is aged for between 4 weeks an..
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Model: 73137
Square Fetta Cheese MouldYou'll get a fabulous authentic look with this traditional square mould for making Feta as well as the famous Italian Telaggio.Measurements: 11cm x 11 cm Height 8.5cm ..
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Model: 33104
Make gourmet cheese in the comfort of your home!  The Deluxe Dutch Cheese Press is made from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel, to ensure high sanitary standards and longevity. Use it for a single cheese wheel or use the upright extension for Multi-Stack mold pressing sold separately with the Extension Kit. Can produce up to 200lbs. of pressing weight! Pressing piston doubles as a follower for molds ..
Ex Gst:$250.00
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