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Greek Yoghurt Jar Complete Yoghurt Kit

New! Greek Yoghurt Jar Complete Yoghurt Kit

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Mad Millie’s Probiotic Greek Yoghurt Kit helps you make delicious probiotic greek yoghurt, soy yoghurt and Labna (yoghurt cheese).

This yoghurt contains live Bifidobacterium species, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilus which make for tasty yoghurt and they are great for you too!

Each gram of Mad Millie Greek Yoghurt contains over a million probiotic bacteria cells, scientifically shown to improve digestive health, nutrient absorption and immunity.

Just add your choice of milk and flavour with natural fruit, honey or sweet spice.

The ideal yoghurt kit for beginners and advanced users with all ingredients and equipment included. The culture provided in this kit allows you to make 5 -10 litres (10 quarts) of yoghurt.

Use the jar to heat the milk easily in the microwave, leave to set and then refrigerate, all in the same vessel!

Kit Contains: 1 L Jar, Cheese Cloth, 5 x Sachets of Greek Yoghurt Culture, Sterile Culture Storage Pottle, Stainless Steel Thermometer, Kit Instructions and Recipe Booklet to make Greek Yoghurt, Soy yoghurt and Yoghurt Cheese.

If using fresh milk, the milk needs to be heated to just below boiling point before cooling it down.  This denatures the proteins in the milk to stop the yoghurt from going lumpy.

The yoghurt culture is shelf stable for 8 months at temperatures under 25 degrees celcius. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture.

Note: The culture in this kit contains a very small amount of dairy

Replacement cheese cloth and cultures can be ordered.

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