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There is nothing like the pleasure of making something yourself from scratch and Ozfarmer offers you the opportunity to try you hand at a whole range of handcrafted products including

Homemade Cheese – Homemade Butter – Homemade Yoghurt – Homemade Kefir – Homemade Beer, Wine, Cider and Spirits – Homemade Sauerkraut – Homemade Kimchi and Fermented Foods – Homemade Tofu – Homemade Vegan Treats – Homemade Sausages – Homemade Jerky – Homemade Sourdough Bread – Homemade Candles

Our kits come with comprehensive instructions and we offer after sales support.  We also have a full range of replacement ingredients to allow you to replicate your successes!

Model: Soap Dispenser Purple Pint
Are you tired of plastic soap dispensers that hardly even last? Looking for a dispenser that looks great but can be refilled time after time and give you reliable dispensing?The Ball soap dispenser is the solution.  It features a stainless steel pump mounted on a purple Ball pint jar.FeaturesBall Mason limited edition purple pint jar which is not painted but has the ..
Ex Gst:$14.50
Model: TS044B
Plump blackberry and cassis accent; a soul of black tea and sage in a pool of vanilla cream. MADE in the USA    Flashpoint >200°F Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum Use 8.00% Wash off Products (Soaps) Maximum Use 18.00% Vanillin Content 0.30% ..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: TS066B
A rich coconut with fresh pineapple and a light orchid top note. Close your eyes and travel to the white sand beaches!   MADE in the USA  Flashpoint 180°F Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum Use 5.25% Wash off Produc..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: Edison Half Gallon
These magnificent Ball Mason lights are made using a reproduction "Edison Light Bulb"  In 1879, using lower current electricity, a small carbonized filament, and an improved vacuum inside the globe, Thomas Edison was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light.  Ball Mason Edison lights are just like looking back into the past to more balanced times; some even ..
Ex Gst:$72.68
Model: Gallon Kombucha Jar
Kefir is a cultured, creamy product with amazing health attributes. Kefir’s tart and refreshing flavour is similar to a drinking-style yogurt, but it contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine symbiotically to give superior health benefits when consumed regularly. It is loaded with valuable vitami..
Ex Gst:$63.59
Model: TS104B
This citrusy lavender blend features sparkling top-notes of orange, tangerine and lemon, with additional florals of plumeria, jasmine and cyclamen, with subtle notes of clove and vanilla. MADE in the USA    Flashpoint >200°F Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum Use 38.15% Wash off Products (Soaps) Maximum Use 66.15% ..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: 215624
Stainless steel needle with spear tip for easy and safe meat penetration. This is a very large needle, with a good-size eye.  ..
Ex Gst:$19.95
Model: 73549
No it’s not a typo: mylk is the word used to describe non dairy versions of milk.Many of the nut mylks sold in supermarkets contain lots of fillers and not much of the actual nutty goodness.When you make your own, you know exactly what it going into your finished product.he Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit contains everything you need to create, experiment and perfect your nut mylk time and ti..
Ex Gst:$36.32
Model: TS070B
An aroma that knows no seasonal bounds, our Nutmeg Ginger releases its "good to be home" appeal and has been a steadfast favourite. Smells just like traditional home made baking! MADE in the USA   Flashpoint >200°F Leave on Products (Lotions) Maximum Use 0.6% Wash off Products (Soaps) Maximum Use 3.00% ..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: TS051B
TruScent Olive Tree fragrance is a burst of lemon sunshine preparing the air to be thoroughly cleansed with a spicy blend of geranium, thyme, and rosemary essential oils; revealing a warm, woody base.This uniquely wonderful fragrance is great for eliminating household odours. MADE in the USA  Flashpoint 200°F Leave on Products (Lotions) Maxim..
Ex Gst:$3.59
Model: ozfarmer candle kit
Who knew that making candles could be so easy! This kit contains all the supplies needed to create your own gloriously home-made candles perfect for your own use or to give away to your friends and family. Candle making is a great weekend hobby or activity for older kids after school on long summer evenings (under adult supervision of course).This kit contains: Three small, decorative glass j..
Ex Gst:$27.23
Model: Heritage Goblet
Complete with straw lid!These "Game of thrones" Redneck style glasses are fantastic for parties and cocktails.  They take a regular mouth lid so for outdoors use and barbeques, you can put the lid on and not worry about insects flying into your drink!A great gift for a bride and groom!  Stems in a choice of colours: rose red, blue, yellow and green.Professionally made...
Ex Gst:$8.14
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