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Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023

Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023
Harvest Right PRO LARGE Home Freeze Dryer Powder Coated Black with Premier Pump NEW 6 TRAY MODEL PREORDER FOR END OF 2023

Frequently Asked Questions for Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Procedure for Preorder1. Register an account on our store if not already registered:2.Contact us via our contact page and let us know a) type of freeze dryer you want to order b) specify if you wish to upgrade to the oil free pump c) advise the delivery address confirming that it is a business address located in an area zoned commercial (excludes rural addresses and home based businesses). If you are happy to collect from the TNT depot we can set the delivery address to the nearest depot. If you prefer to arrange your own collection we will set up the order with our address. Note that we will check all addresses so please do not use a residential address and claim it as a business address.3. We will create an invoice showing all costs including delivery and insurance. For orders made at least 3 months prior to the ETA a non-refundable payment of $5,000 needs to be paid within 3 days of receiving the invoice. Orders placed within 3 months of the ETA OR orders placed when available stocks are getting low need to be paid in full within 3 days of receiving the invoie. Please note that all payments are via bank transfer. If you pay an initial deposit, the balance will be required to be paid in full within 3 business days of us notifying you that the goods are in Australia. Unfortunately due to additional paperwork and regulatory requirements related to layby, full payment needs to be made in no more than 2 instalments. We do not offer a layby programme.4. We will send regular updates regarding the shipping status via the registered email address. If you don't get them please log into your customer account on our store where you can view order updates and comments.
Please refer to our item descriptions for all the information about the units we have available. If you don't see the info you are seeking please contact us so we can contact the manufacturer if necessary. Due to the high value of the units we prefer to have correspondence documented in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.

Please create an account on our store and include your residential address.  Freeze dryers are delivered to the nearest freight depot unless your delivery address is a business in an area zoned commercial (where there are generally other businesses).  Our courier does not deem home based or rural properties as businesses for delivery purposes (the rationale being that a special service is required to deliver pallets to areas where such deliveries are not normally made).  We will amend the delivery address on the invoice if your address is residential.

Freeze dryers must be paid by bank transfer.  Unfortunately we currently do not offer credit card, Paypal or layby options for these high value items.

If you are pre-ordering you do not need to pay in full to hold a unit.  We ask for a holding deposit only which is generally non refundable.  Once we confirm that units are in our warehouse and ready to ship we will need the balance of payment made within 3 days.

Once we issue your invoice, we are unable to show any payments on this invoice.  We can issue a final paid in full receipt if required on request.

Shipping in Australia is via TNT.  Freeze dryers are shipped on small pallets and if you have a residential delivery address the units are delivered to the nearest depot.  You will need a van, open backed ute or trailer for collection. When the goods ship you will receive a tracking email and whilst we request that the depot contacts you to arrange collection we suggest that you also monitor the shipment to ensure that it doesn’t get returned to us as uncollected and incur an additional delivery fee.

Note that home based businesses or rural based businesses are not eligible for business delivery.  A business address for our courier is in an area zoned commercial and generally with forklift unloading facilities.

Pick up from our warehouse in South Kempsey can be arranged on request.  You may be able to find your own courier that will deliver to a residential address.  Please email us all paperwork required for such collections at least 24 hours in advance.

We ship freeze dryers internationally.  Generally this is done via airfreight.  Airfreight rates are only valid for 30 days so for preorders we can provide indicative quotes only with the rate to be confirmed closer to the product ETA.  For quotes please provide us with the delivery address.  Note that airfreight terms are DAP so you are responsible for local GST/taxes/duties etc.

The 240V models are only available in medium,large and extra large. The small is not available in 240V and there is no plan in the near future for this model to be made in 240V. Note that there is no easy way to adapt the 110V version as it differs in both voltage and HZ. The medium and large models are available in black powder coated metal or stainless steel. The XL is only available in stainless steel. The stainless steel version is heavier and is generally the requirement for business purposes. The new Harvest Right Pro models (available since July 2023) : medium unit 5 trays; large 6 trays, XL 7 trays. In general we find that the large version is more popular than the medium. If you have a smaller amount of food than is optimal you can still run the large with a smaller load (provided all trays have something on them) but the converse, a larger load, cannot be successfully processed in a medium. All units have a recommended maximum amount of food you can process at a time. Exceeding this load can cause excessive moisture to build up inside the unit and ultimately get into your pump thereby causing damage.
The Premier Pump is the pump that comes standard with any freeze dryer purchase. It uses oil but rarely needs to have the oil changed or filtered. The pump has a gas ballast feature that makes it so water does not stay in the oil. Because of this, the oil in the pump will be pristine and clear, even after 30 or more batches. You simply won’t need to change the oil until you have run 20 or more batches. You can’t just use any vacuum pump oil in it: it needs to be a premium oil. Harvest Right recommends Robinair Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil or JB Industries Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil. It runs at 52 decibels. You can optionally upgrade to the Oil-Free Pump. It is supplied in addition to the premium pump that comes standard. The Oil-Free Pump can be used with any size freeze dryer. It is quiet, fast, and easy to use. These pumps do not require oil changes and do not require regular user maintenance. It is the most maintenance-free pump available. The Oil-Free Pump runs at 62 decibels. When deciding which pump to purchase, the most important question to ask is how much maintenance are you willing to do. While filtering the oil is relatively simple, some people would rather not have to spend the time or effort it takes. The Premier Pump is a great idea for anyone that doesn’t mind doing some oil maintenance or wants the quietest pump. The Oil-Free Pump is perfect for the person that wants almost zero maintenance. Note that the oil free pump does require a change of seals/ bearings on average every 2 years (depending on usage). As this is not generally a job that can be done at home the pump will be out of action during this time.
A 1 year warranty applies (6 months on the vacuum pump). Warranty eligibility will be determined by Harvest Right and honoured by Ozfarmer Australia where the claim is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing fault. User error is specifically excluded and the freeze dryer comes with comprehensive instructions. Support videos are available online. Note that this is a very high quality item and warranty claims are minimal. Spare parts can be shipped to fix the vast majority of issues. In the event of a technical issue in the first instance this needs to be logged directly with Harvest Right via their online technical support. This helps to support any warranty claims and speeds up the resolution of issues. (The Harvest Right website also provides a comprehensive guide of trouble shooting steps for commonly encountered issues). Note that the warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferrable if the unit is sold.
The following table shows the maximum amp draw for the components of a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. This is based on the 240V model. Medium FD Shelf: 3.697amps Refrigeration 3.5amps Pump: 4.2 amps Total: 11.397 amps Large FD Shelf: 6.027amps Refrigeration: 3.5amps Pump: 4.2amps = Total13.72amp

We recommend a 5000-watt capacity for 40 hours (this is overkill but necessary to ensure trouble free operation) Most solar systems don't have that capacity, and it is very expensive to set up, therefore not practical. Our unit doesn't use that much power per hour (on the high side about 2500 watts at peak) but that is a recommended capacity to ensure trouble free operation. When a system or an inverter is rated for 3000 watts it most likely will overheat and shut down mid-batch as batch time ranges from 24 to 60 hours, Most systems do not have the battery storage capacity to run the unit all night.

If the unit is powered down in the middle of the batch, it would normally start where it left off when power is reapplied. If the duration of the outage is greater than one hour, the unit will assume the product has defrosted and go back to a freeze cycle to protect the pump. The firmware can be advanced to where it left off after power up, but the probability of poor results and pump contamination is extremely high. Users that wish to operate in this manner do so at their own risk, and the resulting damage to the pump is not covered under warranty.

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  • Model: Large Dryer
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Available Options

Before contacting us please refer to our FAQs here


PREORDER IS NOW AVAILABLE.  Shipment is in production and is forecast to be ready for shipment late September.  We currently anticipate arrival in our warehouse in November depending on shipping schedules and customs and quarantine in Australia.

You need to email us or create a ticket in order to preorder (do not click the button to be notified when in stock if you wish to preorder, as this button will not provide us the following required information.)

When contacting us to preorder please confirm that you have:

  1. Created an account on our store
  2. Entered your address details (we will use this to determine the closest TNT depot unless you include a business name and confirm business hours and that a forklift is on site for delivery)
  3. Decided which specific unit you wish to purchase.  For the next shipment the available options are Medium Powder Coated, Medium Stainless Steel and Large Powder Coated, Large Stainless Steel and XL/Jumbo in Stainless only.  Note that Small units are not available in 240V and there is no indication this will change in the near future.

You can order online yourself however if you use a residential address we will amend the order to the nearest TNT depot.  A $5,000 deposit is required to hold the order.

Ozfarmer is now the official Australian distributor for Harvest Right USA.  Stock is imported directly from the Harvest Right factory and supported by their international warranty (full details at the bottom of the description).

A Harvest Right Large-Sized Freeze Dryer will allow you to freeze-dry over 1,360kg of food over a year (8 – 10.5 kg per batch).Why pay thousands for pre-packaged long life food when you can make your own using healthy ingredients!

The latest model which will be manufactured in August/September 2023 features the following upgrades:


  • Newly designed Solid State Relay Board, creating quicker batch times. 
  • Newly designed glass epoxy harness which will greatly improve the seal 
  • Newly designed Drain Hose Valve is stainless steel compared to the plastic valve used before


Overall product dimensions: 54cm  W x 70cm D x 80cm H

Perfect for countertop, cart, or table.

6 trays (23cm W x 51cm L x 2cm H)

65kg for powder coated version

The powder coated version is available in black only


There is also a detachable vacuum pump that sits outside the freeze dryer.

Premier Oil Pump: 14.5kg or optionally upgrade to the oil free pump that is supplied with a back up oil pump


240-volt outlet fitted with Australian compatible plug.  Note that a dedicated circuit is required. The large units now run on an updated electrical specification and come with a 10 amp plug that can be used in standard plug sockets (the older versions needed a 15 amp socket)

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is designed to work in a wide variety of environmental temperatures, but extreme heat and cold will affect performance.

The recommended temperature range for operation is 2 – 32 °C. The most efficient temperature range is between 7-24°C. Although safe, operating your freeze dryer in temperatures above 32˚C will increase batch times and may have an adverse effect on the condensing unit (freezer). As the temperature rises where your freeze dryer operates, so does the length of time it takes to finish. This happens because with hotter operating temperatures it is harder to reach the extreme cold required for freeze drying. When running your freeze dryer in temperatures higher than 32˚C, place a small fan in a location where it can blow air on the vacuum pump. This will help the pump run more efficiently and may increase the life of the vacuum pump.  Better yet, operate the unit in an airconditioned room.


Shipping Info

The large freeze dryer ships in one package with a total weight of 115kg (125kg for the stainless steel model) and on a small pallet. Item will be delivered to physical addresses, no PO boxes, they just don't fit.  Shipment can only be made by courier so no post only addresses can be used for delivery (PO Box, Locked Bag, Private Mailing Bag, etc).  Note that we currently cannot deliver to residential addresses including home based businesses.


Simply filter and replace oil.  Note that the premium pump requires premium vacuum pump oil.

What’s included

Large Freeze Dryer

Premium Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Oil

Oil Filter

Stainless Steel Trays (set of 6)

Guide to Freeze Drying

Impulse Bag Sealer with 3 pin 10 amp plug

Mylar Bags (50 pack)

Oxygen Absorbers (50 pack)

Why a freeze dryer?


A Harvest Right freeze dryer allows you to keep your home-grown fruits and vegetables fresh for years and years. Freeze drying at home is the very best way to preserve your garden harvest. It truly is the gardener’s best friend.


Unlike canning, freeze-drying causes very little damage to the nutritional value of your garden produce. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients.


Heat can affect taste, color, and texture causing your garden produce to look and taste very different. Freeze-dried food, in contrast, looks and tastes just like the food did when fresh.


Freeze drying the food you grow in your garden is the best way to preserve your harvest and helps you save money on your grocery costs.


The average American family wastes a lot of food. A recent study by the USDA found that the average American wastes about one pound of food per day, which can cost the average family up to $2,400 per year. Chances are that this average would apply to many Australian families too.

Preserve the healthy food you buy or grow with a home freeze dryer and save money by eliminating waste.


Emergency Preparation

There is no better way to prepare for an emergency than with a home freeze dryer. Freeze-dried food is perfect for emergency food supplies, bug out bags, 72-hour kits, and other survival packs. With a home freeze dryer, you will be prepared for any kind of emergency.


Most people will be affected by some type of serious disaster in their lifetime. Home freeze drying puts you in control of your family’s survival, no matter the circumstances.


Man-made disasters such as war, explosions, chemical spills, and terrorism, cause human suffering, loss of life, and food shortages. Freeze drying gives you peace of mind in case any of these worst-case scenarios occur.


A home freeze dryer allows you to easily preserve large amounts of food and create a high-quality emergency food supply, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in case of job loss or financial downturns.


Buying freeze-dried food from a store is expensive. The food is often full of salt and other preservatives and the limited choice means you buy meals you may not even like eating. Freeze drying your own meals and produce is a great way to save money when building your emergency food supply.


Camping and Hunting

Harvest Right lets you freeze dry your own food at home to be used on your next hike, backpacking adventure, hunting trip, or campout. It is lightweight, has less salt, and tastes better than anything else that will fit in your backpack. It’s perfect for every outdoor enthusiast.


Freeze dry your favorite food and enjoy it on the trail during your next hike or backpacking adventure. It is lightweight and easy to prepare (just add hot water). Take your favorite homemade or restaurant meals.


Avid hunters and fishermen can end up with too much meat or fish all at once. Now you can freeze dry any extra, whether cooked or raw. When you rehydrate the food, you won’t know the difference between fresh and freeze-dried.


There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite meals at your next campsite. You can freeze-dry lightweight, easy-to-prepare meals that will taste fantastic. In fact, you can eat as well in the wild as you do at home.


Caravan and camper trailer food should be delicious, lightweight, easy-to-prepare, and not require refrigeration. Freeze drying at home allows you to easily create weeks’ worth of food for the next time you decide to hit the road.


Pet Food

With Harvest Right’s home freeze dryer, you can feed your pets the healthy, preservative-free, home-prepared food they deserve and crave. There are many reasons to feed your pet home freeze-dried food.


Feeding your pets freeze-dried food is a great way to keep them healthy. Many feel a raw diet of freeze-dried food is best for pets.



Freeze-dried pet food and snacks can be very expensive. Freeze drying at home lets you provide freeze-dried food for your pet at a fraction of the cost.


Some pets have very finicky tastes. Freeze drying at home lets you discover what freeze-dried food your pet loves most and, since you control the ingredients, you can fully trust the food you’re feeding to your pet.



A 1-year warranty applies (6 months on the vacuum pump).  Warranty eligibility will be determined by Harvest Right and honoured by Ozfarmer Australia where the claim is deemed to be caused by a manufacturing fault.  User error is specifically excluded and the freeze dryer comes with comprehensive instructions.  Support videos are available online.  Note that this is a very high-quality item and warranty claims are minimal.  Spare parts can be shipped to fix the vast majority of issues. 


HR has a policy of “ALL questions, concerns and tickets are the responsibility of Harvest Right customer service.  Harvest Right will make the determination on when a machine needs to be returned for service, repair or refund.”  Most issues with the machines are user related and can be easily remedied via email to the Harvest Right technical team.  In the event that the item needs to be returned, you will be responsible for getting the unit to a business address with forklift or TNT depot for collection.

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