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Drench Guns and Drench Applicators

A drench gun is a handheld metal automatic syringe capable of delivering a preset dose of agent, most commonly an anthelmintic (anti worming medication),
and with a variable dose up to about 300ml, via the mouth.  Oral drenchers are also commonly used to administer colostrum to newborn animals.
Model: 206284
These heavy duty brass nozzles fit the reusable syringe.  Use to convert your syringe into a  mini drencher for small animal use.For most stable and secure use we recommend the thread fit nozzle. This is fitted by unscrewing the syringe luer lock fitting.An alternative for quick and easy use is the luer-lock nozzle which is attached directly onto the syringe luer fitting...
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Model: 200971
The survival of calves is dependent on them receiving at least 1.5 litres of good quality colostrum within the first few hours of life. They will usually receive this from their mother through their milk. If they are unable to receive it this way it is important to intervene as the colostrum contains antibodies which help give the animal immunity. This is where the Bovivet calf drencher comes in h..
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Model: 219448
A calf drencher is used to stomach feed young animals including electrolytes and colostrum. This drencher has a flexible long probe and a flexible collapsible bottle helping ensure that all the liquid is delivered. The capacity is 2 litres which makes it ideal for drenching calves. Instructions included.The usual vet recommendation is to administer approximately 2 litres of high ..
Ex Gst:$29.95
Model: 200977
Features a flexible zip top bag with hanging handle at the top.  The zip top allows for easy filling. The 1.2 m length flexible probe incorporates a 40cm rigid shaft with oesophageal positioning knob and on/off clamp.  Instructions on bag.  Capacity 2.5 litres marked in 500ml increments...
Ex Gst:$59.95
Model: 202289
Chromed brass pump can be used for administration of large volume oral remedies, or for other volume-pumping requirements.  A continuous flow is achieved as the device pumps on both upward and downward strokes. The castellated foot device prevents suctioning to container bottom, and also has a nipple suitable for connection of a 10mm suction tube. Dimension is overall height of pump. Barre..
Ex Gst:$153.64
Model: 213701
The Big Drencher is ideal for volume drenching of mature cattle. It uses a standard Easy Feeder calf feeding bottle with the Big Drencher probe.FeaturesWide 70mm-diameter neck makes for easy filling of drench products The good hand-grip ensures the bottle is easy to handle in a drenching situation...
Ex Gst:$20.86
Model: 202244
Good quality drench gun manufactured in engineering grade plastic and supplied complete with silicone delivery tube. Hinge action ensures smooth and easy operation. Easy dose volume adjustment with large threaded back-ring. Clear barrel. Wash in soapy water...
Ex Gst:$117.27
Model: 202252
Based on our usual Genia drench guns, this gun has been especially modified for the administration of viscous drench liquids. It is a single-shot ‘manual-fill’ drench gun, featuring a more powerful suction mechanism, and a large-bore nozzle...
Ex Gst:$135.45
Model: 202265
Made by Henke-Sass Wolf in Germany, the Drench-matic is one of the world´s biggest selling drench guns. Beautifully engineered in die-cast metal with high quality baked enamel finish. The P.E.T. barrel has permanent engraved markings. Easy and accurate dose adjustment control. The Drench-matic also features a patented anti-block valve system, and drip-less nozzle, for accurate trouble free drench..
Ex Gst:$240.91
Model: 202269
Accessory nozzle for your 23ml or 30ml Henke Drench-matic. Preferred by many users for in-race drenching. Special non-drip nozzle tip. Length 23cm o.a...
Ex Gst:$104.55
Model: 202278
Remote-hook type nozzles are installed in place of the usual nozzle, the gun is operated in one hand and the remote-hook is held in the other. Ideal for working over rails or in crowded pens. Nice big plastic grip on 1.4m of reinforced delivery tubing. Usual Henke drip-less nozzle tip. This is a very useful tool once you are used to it. Hook-nozzle only can also be connected directly to drench g..
Ex Gst:$244.55
Model: 203181
Genuine Genia quality silicone oil lubricant for Genia (or other) drench guns or auto vaccinators. Contents 7.5ml...
Ex Gst:$8.14
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