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Emergency Survival Food

We stock a range of long-term food storage solutions for use in times of economic collapse, global conflicts, epidemics, power grid failures, natural disasters such as floods and cyclones and also suitable for yachts and caravans.
Food pouches can last unopened up to 25 years: the pouches can be bought singly or as a case pack which allows you to customise your emergency food storage plan without wasting what you don't use right away.
Food pouches are made by Patriot Pantry in the USA and are a high quality product.
Buttermilk Pancake Mix Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00075
Patriot Pantry Buttermilk Pancake Mix is so simple to use and so versatile that you'll want to keep an ample supply on hand. Just add water to make some of the best pancakes your family has ever tasted. Even kids can make great breakfasts with a little help from a grown-up. Plus, you can work this pancake mix into all sorts of recipes - from fried chicken to baked desserts. This mix makes all you..
Ex Gst:$8.14
Chocolate Pudding Mix Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00086
Chocolate during a crisis? Sure! Get your favourite emergency survival food in bulk. The individual packs last up to 25 years unopened. Researchers have documented the restorative powers of chocolate, but most of us have always considered it essential to happiness. Whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, Patriot Pantry has you covered. Rich, creamy Chocolate Pudding is just minutes away. Our packs ..
Ex Gst:$16.32
Country Cottage Macaroni and Cheese Up to 25 Year Shelf Life
Out Of Stock
Model: 00092
Mac and cheese - is there any better comfort food? Patriot Pantry Country Cottage Mac and Cheese pack hits the spot every time. This dish is packed with semolina elbow noodles and a rich sauce with real cheddar cheese. We're sure it will fill you up and keep you going in an emergency. It's also great when you need a dinner plan in a hurry! Stock a pack of mac and cheese in your emergency food sup..
Ex Gst:$14.50
Creamy Stroganoff Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00094
The Meal that Keeps You Going. Tender noodles. Savoury and creamy mushroom broth. Comfort anytime. Patriot Pantry Creamy Stroganoff is a complete hearty dish. Tender egg noodles covered in a rich, creamy mushroom sauce. This is the dish they'll ask for again and again. This Creamy Stroganoff has everything you need to refuel and keep going. It's perfect for camping and hiking, but also great ..
Ex Gst:$18.14
Freeze-Dried Beans Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00101
Add the freshness of summer's harvest to your emergency food supply with these Freeze-Dried Green Beans pouches. The freeze-dehydration method locks in the fresh flavour and excellent nutrition. Use in your favourite recipes, add to salads or serve on their own!Buy a pouch or 2 for your everyday cooking for nutrition on demand. Don't forget to store an extra pouch in your emergency kit ..
Ex Gst:$16.32
Freeze-Dried Strawberries Up to 25 Year Shelf Life
Out Of Stock
Model: 00102
Strawberries are Nature's candy. Incredibly sweet and tart, Patriot Pantry Freeze-Dried Strawberries packs are great on their own or in your favourite recipes. They pair well with chocolate, cream, light pastries and much more. Keep a pack in your pantry for everyday use. You can add some to your trail mix dry for hikes. Don't forget to buy a pack for your emergency food storage - you can't beat ..
Ex Gst:$15.41
Maple Grove Oatmeal Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00082
Patriot Pantry Maple Grove Oatmeal will help you swing through your day. Whether you’re weathering a crisis or just having a hard time getting started in the morning, Maple Grove Oatmeal packs give you a go-to breakfast that's ready in 10 minutes.   Maple Grove Oatmeal is a classic breakfast that you'll want to buy in bulk over and over again. Serve it solo or add fresh fruit for a meal tha..
Ex Gst:$12.68
Model: 00090
With Patriot Pantry Orange Energy Drink Mix on hand, your household always has delicious hydration on demand. Formulated with your health in mind, this yummy citrus mix adds much more than empty calories to your daily diet. The refreshing citrus flavour and essential vitamin C fortify you for your daily routine or during an emergency. Orange Energy Drink Mix packs let you choose how much you want ..
Ex Gst:$9.95
Southwest Savoury Rice Up to 25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food
Out Of Stock
Model: 00120
Southwest Savoury Rice is prepared in a rich chicken broth and cooked with bell peppers and tomatoes. This gives the rice its distinctive southwestern flair. Sure to be a favourite with the kids! Buy a pack for your pantry for an easy meal in a pinch. Store a pack or 2 in your emergency kit to boost your spirits in a crisis. Patriot Pantry Southwest Savory Rice is simple to make - just stir it in..
Ex Gst:$14.50
Model: 00098
With Patriot Pantry Sweetly Coated Banana Chips packs on your snack shelf, you have a natural treat to offer to hungry family members in place of potato chips and candy. They are sweet and crunchy like junk-food snacks, but Sweetly Coated Banana Chips are made from real banana slices.   Ready right out of the pouch, they are a convenient power snack for after school, after dinner, in a lunc..
Ex Gst:$19.95
Model: 00106
Any baker's (not-so) secret weapon! White sugar is so versatile, bringing a touch of sweetness to desserts, baked goods, snack bars and much more. Buy a White Sugar pack for your emergency food supply and never go without this essential sweetener!NET WT. 12.69 oz (360g) per pouch, 90 Servings. Price is per pouch.  Directions: Open pouch and remove oxygen absorber Use as a sweetener and..
Ex Gst:$4.50
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