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Ball Mason Secure Grip Jar Lifter: Premium Bottle Tongs

One of the most important tools for the preserver is a set of bottle tongs / jar lifters.These..

$24.95 Excluding GST: $22.68

Vitagran Seaweed Meal 5kg pack

Vitagran Seaweed Meal 5kg packVitagran Seaweed Meal is a natural, balanced source of vitamins an..

$59.50 Excluding GST: $54.09

Bouquet Garni Spice Sacks x 10

These reusable 100% natural unbleached cotton sacks come complete with cotton drawstring for herbs,s..

$9.95 Excluding GST: $9.05

Nutrimol Liquid Vitamin Mineral Livestock Supplement

Nutrimol is a liquid mineral supplement which contains the following: fine and pure seaweed ext..

$9.95 Excluding GST: $9.05

Economy Bottle Tongs Jar Lifter

One of the most important tools for the preserver is a set of bottle tongs / jar lifters.These..

$12.95 Excluding GST: $11.77

Troy Vitamin B Complex 100ml Recommended!

Troy Vitamin B Complex rapidly helps to restore energy when it is needed most.Helps increase a..

$15.95 Excluding GST: $14.50

Ball Mason Sure Tight Jar Band Tool and Lid Opener

Secure jar bands with confidence! The Sure Tight Band Tool secures jar bands with just the right a..

$25.95 Excluding GST: $23.59

Emergency Thermal Blanket - for human and animal thermal emergencies

This double sided metallic foil blanket is excellent for aiding in body temperature recovery in case..

$6.50 Excluding GST: $5.91

Troy Vitamin C 100ml Injectable or Oral Use

Troy Vitamin C for Animal UseHelps increase animals’ power of recovery from extreme exertion, ..

$15.95 Excluding GST: $14.50

Adopta Lamb Mothering Restraint - suits sheep and goats

This harness is a simple and effective mothering-on aid, particulary useful for maiden ewes and does..

$38.00 Excluding GST: $34.55

Calf Weaner Device Lightweight Aluminium

Lightweight all-alloy suckling preventer to help wean calves quickly.Very  effective model...

$7.50 Excluding GST: $6.82

Calf Mothering Fostering Double Collar

Solve the problem of securing calves together for mothering on a foster cow.  Unit comprises ..

$57.00 Excluding GST: $51.82

Easy Wean Calf Goat Sheep Weaner

The Easy Wean calf weaner is a plastic nose piece with plastic spikes on it which is attached to the..

$9.50 Excluding GST: $8.64

Glove Silicone Heat Proof Oven : handles heat up to 315 degrees

This silicone oven glove sure beats using a tea-towel for handling hot items! The high temperat..

$12.95 Excluding GST: $11.77