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IO Seaweed Meal 2kg pack

IO Seaweed Meal 2kg pack
IO Seaweed Meal 2kg pack

Seaweed Meal is a natural, balanced source of vitamins and minerals. It contains over 50 different elements and has been used for centuries as a supplement in animal/stock feeds.
It has also been used as a conditioner and nutrient source in the soil and compost.
Dried Seaweed Meal is rich in polysaccharides that have prebiotic effects on animal digestive systems. Prebiotics are non-digestible, selectively fermented compounds that stimulate the growth and/or activity of beneficial gut microbiota which, in turn, confer health benefits when ingested.

  • Reduce incidence of loss of body weight (cobalt)
  • Boost resistance to parasites and diseases (cobalt, copper and zinc)
  • Reduce scouring and dehydration (cobalt & copper)
  • Boost general health promoting healthy eyes, teeth, and coat (cobalt, copper and zinc)
  • Reduce finishing times


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