Weck Jar Lids, Clips and Seals

Weck Jar Lids, Clips and Seals

Weck Jar Lids, Clips and Seals are made of the highest quality.

For preserving, you need to select the correct size lid and rubber seal for the particular jar.  The rubber ring sits easily on the inside of the lid.

After filling jars with the food to be preserved, ensure there is adequate headspace, clean any food debris off the top of the jar and then sit the lid with its seal on the jar.  Place 2 clips on the lid to hold it in place during processing.  If you are pressure canning, it is recommended that you double this and put 4 clips on each jar.

Weck jars take accessories categorised by small, medium and large.  Small lids are 60mm, medium 80mm and large 100mm.  The lids and seals are not interchangeable between jars that take a different size lid but the clips can be used on all size jars and are reusable.  The cliips should always be removed after food has been processed and cooled.

Plastic storage lids are also available in all 3 sizes and can be used when freezing food in the jars, when storing dry goods or when wanting to keep opened preserves or products in an airtight jar in the fridge.


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