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220ml Weck Mini Tulip Jar SINGLE with optional lid and seal 762

220ml Weck Mini Tulip Jar SINGLE with optional lid and seal 762
Dimensions80mm high with 60mm mouth; 220ml capacity

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Weck Mini Tulip 220ml Jar. Takes Small seal.

Weck reusable Glass Jars are of the highest quality and contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A).

These jars are suitable for water bath, and pressure canning.  With the added bonus of being able to freeze and bake! (Baking in the jar is not possible with Ball Mason or Fowlers Vacola)

The most versatile and beautiful preserving jar available today.

Weck canning jars are made with thick glass to withstand boiling, sterilizing and processing over and over again. Glass lids preclude issues with rusting, and the tab on the replaceable rubber ring, when facing downwards, indicates clearly that the seal on the jar is intact.

Weck jars come in round jars, tulip jars, deco jars, cylinder jars and juice jars.

Replacement rings, lids and clamps are also available.

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