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Quart Regular Mouth Bottle and Lid x 6 Ball Mason

Quart Regular Mouth Bottle and Lid x 6 Ball Mason
DimensionsJar Size: Width 85mm x Height 165mm

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Ball Mason Quart Regular Mouth Bottle and Lid x 6 

Ball Regular Mouth quart (1 Litre) Glass Preserving Jars are ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as sauces, purees, fruits and vegetables. 

Ball bottles can be used wherever you might otherwise have used Fowlers Vacola bottles: they fit inside Fowlers Vacola stove top and electric units, as well as in the new Kensington Food Preserver. They can also be used in pressure canners, with the advantage that you can double stack them on top of each other as the lid is flat.

The 2 piece preserving lid is easy to use: all you have to do when preserving is make sure the top rim of the jar is clean and clear of food debris, place the flat lid on top of the jar and then screw on the band finger tight.  The bottle is then ready for processing. After the food has cooled, you check for a seal and store without the screw band which can then be reused for processing other jars.  

Replacement lids are the standard Ball regular mouth size and the flat disk section of the lid should be only used once is you are processing the jar in a water bath or pressure canner (but can be reused multiple times if just being used for dry storage)


How to Store:

Enjoy Now - refrigerate up to 3 weeks

Fresh Preserve - store up to 1 year


6 x Ball Regular Mouth Quart Glass Preserving Jars

6 x Ball Regular Mouth Lids with Bands

Quick Tips

For fresh preserving follow a tested preserving recipe such as those found in the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

Lids are not stainless steel. Hand wash lids only. Do not put in dishwasher. Dry thoroughly immediately after use to avoid corrosion.

Click here for more information on  Ball Mason Jar Sizes and uses

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