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Kamer Emasculator / Castrator

Kamer Emasculator / Castrator
Kamer Emasculator / Castrator
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Kamer is a recognised European brand. These forged steel emasculators are of very good quality but at reasonable prices. An optional Knee pad is aid to use of tool but fits only the 34cm and larger tools. Use emasculator to crush one spermatic cord at a time making two crushes on each about 1-2cm apart for 5 minutes each crush. (Do not crush both cords at the same time as this may be ineffective and may damage the emasculator.) Fine-adjustment tool is supplied with each emasculator.

  23cm: For lambs

  30cm and 34cm: For large sheep

  40cm: For calves and horses

  48cm: For bulls and horses

NB: These tools are for use only by experienced herdsmen or under supervision of a veterinarian

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