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Medium Glass Lid for Weck Preserving Jars

Medium Glass Lid for Weck Preserving Jars
Medium Glass Lid for Weck Preserving Jars

Lid Glass Suit Weck Preserving Company (Germany) Food Preserving Jars - Medium

Weck reusable Glass Lids are of the highest quality and contain NO BPA! (Bisphenol A)  Weck glass jar lids are the only preserving lids in the world that can be reused thousands of times! Suitable for water bath, and pressure canning!  With the added bonus of being able to freeze, microwave and bake! (Baking in the jar is not possible with Ball Mason or Fowlers Vacola) The most versatile and beautiful preserving jar available today!

Ozfarmer Australia pleased to announce that we are now the Australian Distributor for the world famous Weck preserving jar. Weck Jars are known throughout the world as the best preserving jars on the market manufactured in Germany with the highest quality and German precision! These are also known as heirloom jars in Europe because they are so well made they tend to last forever!

Lids come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.  Small = 60mm/ 2 3/8", Medium = 80mm / 3 1/8", Large = 100mm / 3 7/8 ". Check your jar to see which size yours is.

Note that the size is the jar opening size.  The actual medium lid is 90mm wide.

Medium suits the following models: 976, 900, 901 and 908 

You can also use a smaller size glass lid for weighting down food when culturing / fermenting as the glass is reaction free.  The measurement is for the inside of the glass lid.  The overall diameter of the medium glass lids is 90mm.

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