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1 x Cider Apple Home Made Refill Kit Home Brew

Cider replacement kits for homemade apple cider.Use with your Cider starter kit and this gives y..

$34.95 $27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00

1 x Home Brew Apple Cider Homemade Homebrew Starter Kit

The Mad Millie Cider Kit contains everything you need to make 12 x 750ml bottles of your own refresh..

$125.95 Ex Tax: $114.50

1 x Kefir Kit Complete Natural Organic Probiotics With Jar & Cultures

NOTE: Product is on special because the culture is past its BEST BEFORE date (August 2018).  This do..

$44.95 $16.50 Ex Tax: $15.00

10 x Cheese White Wrap 240x240

White Wrap 10 pack 240x240Best for: Camembert Brie and other white moulded cheeses. This wrap is..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

10 x Paper Wax Coated Wrap 480 x 480

Paper Wax Coated Wrap 10 pack 480 x 480Best For: long term refrigerated storage of your finished..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $16.32

10 x Silver Cheese Wrap Butter Silver Foils 240 x 240

Wrap Silver 10 pack 240 x 240Best for: Creamy Brie Camembert or mild blue cheeses. This micro-pe..

$9.75 Ex Tax: $8.86

10 x Vegetarian Rennet Tablets Home Made Cheese Cheddar Haloumi Mozarella Feta

Much more convenient than using rennet powder or liquid rennet tablets must be dissolved in cool boi..

$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.00

3 x Thermophilic Culture Sachet

Thermophilic culture is freeze dried culture for cheese that must be heated to high temperatures suc..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

5 x Blue Cheese Mould Culture Pencillium Roqueforti

This is a freeze dried mixed blend culture containing Penicillium Roqueforti AND Aromatic Mesophilic..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77

6 x Lids with Seals for Flip Top Bottles

Replacement tops for 500ml and 750ml Amber Flip Top Bottles sold on our site.Do not wash with st..

$6.95 Ex Tax: $6.32

Artisans Cheesemaking Kit

The ultimate kit for cheese lovers and the perfect beginner's kit!  The Artisan Cheese Kit has n..

$139.95 $119.95 Ex Tax: $109.05

Beaker and Cap 10ml For Cheesemaking

A calibrated beaker used to dilute rennet or lipase in the right amount of cooled boiled-water to en..

$3.60 Ex Tax: $3.27

Beginners Italian Cheeses Kit

Not sure where to start?  This is the perfect kit to get you off to a flying start making your own c..

$44.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Box Cheese Making Maturing

The maturing box is used to mature your cheeses that need to be kept humid and in a sterile place. T..

$13.00 Ex Tax: $11.82

Camembert / Blue Cheese Mould

This classically formed mould is specially shaped to optimise the development of Camembert and blue-..

$7.10 Ex Tax: $6.45

Caprino Cheese Mould

A long and skinny mould suitable for Caprino whole or skim goat's milk cheese and other similar soft..

$9.30 Ex Tax: $8.45

Carbonation Drops Mangrove Jacks

Use Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops for fast, easy bottling. Carbonation Drops take the guess wor..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.50

Cheese Making Calf Lipase 20g

This lipase offers a sharp lingering 'peccorino' profile that harks back to ancient Roman times and ..

$8.50 Ex Tax: $7.73

Cheese Mould 800g and Pressing Plate

A robust yet conveniently sized mould for hard cheeses that also comes with a pressing plate for an ..

$15.35 Ex Tax: $13.95

Cheese Mould Small

Versatile multi-use cheese mould for small batches.This one is ideal for many types of non spec..

$3.95 Ex Tax: $3.59

Cheese Press

This Cheese Press is a great addition to your Hard Cheese Ingredient Kit.Used for pressing your..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

Cheese Wax

High quality cheese wax made the age-old way. Yellow wax is supplied in 450g packsBlack wax..

$11.00 Ex Tax: $10.00

Cheese-making thermometer

Ensures accurate monitoring of the milk temperature to certify optimal conditions for starter cultur..

$16.95 Ex Tax: $15.41

Cheesemaker incubator and vat

This cheesemaker is a great, easy to use piece of equipment used for making both cheese and yoghurt...

$68.10 Ex Tax: $61.91

Coconut Yoghurt Kit - Original and Chocolate Coconut Yoghurt

Make Coconut Yoghurt that is bursting with a delicious coconut flavour coupled with tangy beneficial..

$31.50 Ex Tax: $28.64

Draining Spoon for Cheesemaking

This draining spoon is used for stirring and separating curd from whey during the cheesemaking proce..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77

Fermentation Heat Belt

The home brew wrap-around electric heater fits around a standard 15-25 litre brewing fermenter and f..

$47.95 Ex Tax: $43.59

Fermented Vegetables Starter Culture Freeze Dried x 5 Sachets

This Fermented Vegetable Culture is a freeze dried mixed strain culture containing:Lactoccus lac..

$9.95 Ex Tax: $9.05

Fresh Cheese Ingredient Kit with bonus Cheese Board for just $10

What a great gift idea!  The ingredients to make your own stunning cheeses with a bonus wood cheese ..

$66.95 Ex Tax: $60.86

Fresh Cheese Kit Homemade Feta, Halloumi, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese

Start your cheese making foray with style and make a range of lovely fresh cheeses!  This kit is ide..

$56.95 Ex Tax: $51.77

Fresh Sausage Making Kit

Stuck on an idea for that special man in your life?  How about a sausage making kit: not only can he..

$159.95 Ex Tax: $145.41

Ginger Beer Boutique Ale Next Batch Refill Kit Gluten Free

Packet is past its BEST BEFORE Date however should still produce a satisfactory end product.This..

$37.95 $27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00

Greek Yoghurt Jar Complete Yoghurt Kit Add Milk or Soy

Mad Millie’s Probiotic Greek Yoghurt Kit helps you make delicious probiotic greek yoghurt, soy yoghu..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Handcrafted Homemade Gin Kit Traditional Blend

Transform a generic bottle of vodka into your own delicious London style gin with this handcrafted k..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

Home Cheese Making; book by Ricki Carroll

Home Cheese Making; book by  Ricki CarrollHere are 75 recipes for cheeses and other dairy produc..

$27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00

Iodophor/ Sterilising Solution

Iodophor/ Sterilising SolutionIodine based sterilizing solution will help your cheese making res..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

Kefir Culture Freeze Dried for Fermented Drinks x 2 Sachets

Kefir culture freeze dried x 2 sachetsKefir is a popular and delicious fermented drink, using ba..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $7.27

Large Rectangular Feta Cheese Mould

Large Rectangular Fetta Cheese MouldLarge Rectangular Feta Mould used to make Feta from approx. ..

$9.90 Ex Tax: $9.00

Large Ricotta Container and Basket

Large Ricotta Container and BasketLarge ricotta container specially designed to help the cheese ..

$5.75 Ex Tax: $5.23

Making Cheese, Butter and Yoghurt; book by Ricki Carroll

Over 10,000 years of cheese making (plus butter and yogurt making) wisdom is contained in this bulle..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Mangrove Jacks Finings Sachet 5g

Finings are used to accelerate the fining, or clarification, of wine and beer.  It works by firming ..

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.50

Mangrove Jacks Isinglass Finings 1000 ml

Isinglass finings are used to accelerate the fining, or clarification, of wine and beer.1000ml b..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Metal Brewers Preservers Thermometer 0 - 105 degrees Curved Shape

Metal Brewers Preservers Thermometer 0 - 105 degrees Curved ShapeThe metal thermometer is popula..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $14.50

Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Kit - Fermented Ginger Beer

Make ginger beer the traditional way!Make delicious ginger beer from scratch using ginger, brown..

$67.95 Ex Tax: $61.77

Penicillium Camemberti White Mould Culture Blend 5 pack

White Mould Culture Blend 5 packThis is a freeze dried mixed blend culture containing Penicilliu..

$8.75 Ex Tax: $7.95

Pipette for Cheesemaking 3ml

Pipette for Cheesemaking 3ml A very handy measuring instrument made of plastic used to measure o..

$4.40 Ex Tax: $4.00

Plastic Cheese Draining Drying Mat

Plastic Cheese MatPlastic cheese mat with elevating feet used for draining and/or air drying che..

$4.40 Ex Tax: $4.00

Raw Cacao Chocolate Kit DIY Homemade Chocolate Making Kit

Delicious chocolate goodness! The Mad Millie Raw Cacao Chocolate Kit contains raw, vegan and organic..

$64.95 $55.00 Ex Tax: $50.00

Salt Cheese Making Preserving Fermenting

Cheese Salt adds flavour and helps preserve cheese. It is non-iodised as iodine inhibits growth of t..

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.50

Sausage casings

Sausage casingsEdible shelf stable collagen casing used for making fresh sausages at home. Glute..

$17.95 Ex Tax: $16.32