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Brand: Mad Millie
Thermophilic culture is freeze dried culture for cheese that must be heated to high temperatures such as Mozzarella, Parmesan and some Italian and Swiss stylesEach sachet contains enough culture for 8 L (2 US Gal.) of milkActivity = 2.4 UFor best results stir sachet content directly into..
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6 x Lids with Seals for Flip Top Bottles
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Brand: Mad Millie
Replacement tops for 500ml and 750ml Amber Flip Top Bottles sold on our site.Do not wash with strong cleaners. When cleaning, remove seal and sterilise separately. Wash with warm soapy water. Rinse Well.Tops do not fit most other flip top bottles.Packet of 6 only...
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Brand: Mad Millie
A long and skinny mould suitable for Caprino whole or skim goat's milk cheese and other similar soft cheese styles.Made of food grade plastic that is dishwasher safe.Measurements: Top Diameter: 7 cm Bottom Diameter: 5.8 cm Height: 14.5 cm..
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Brand: Mad Millie
Use Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops for fast, easy bottling. Carbonation Drops take the guess work out of priming your beer, and completely replaces priming sugar.Suggested usage: 1 drop per 350ml bottle, 2 drops per 750ml bottle.Pack contains 60 carbonation drops...
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Brand: Mad Millie
Ensures accurate monitoring of the milk temperature to certify optimal conditions for starter cultures and enzyme when making cheese. This thermometer measures temperature in both celcius and fahrenheit. It is a metal thermometer and has a 22cm stem.It also has a small red marker which a..
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Fermented Vegetables Starter Culture Freeze Dried x 5 Sachets
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Brand: Mad Millie
This Fermented Vegetable Culture is a freeze dried mixed strain culture containing:Lactoccus lactis subsp. cremoris Lactoccus lactis subsp.lactisThis is great to use when making Sauerkraut, Kimchi or other fermented vegetables with your Mad Millie Fermenting Crock. This provides a faster mor..
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Large Ricotta Container and BasketLarge ricotta container specially designed to help the cheese breathe well so that it is light sweet and moist.Comes with a handy storage container too.Measurements: Top Diameter: 9.8cm Bottom Diameter: 7.8cm Height: 10cm..
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Brand: Mad Millie SKU: 73519
Specialty Cheeses Ingredient Kit for Camembert and Blue Style CheesesThis kit contains everything you need to make your own Camembert, Double Cream Brie, Stilton Style Cheese, French Neufchatel and Blue Vein Cheese!This kit is ideal for intermediate to advanced home cheese-makers. Each chees..
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