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Mastitis Test X-Spurt-blue

Mastitis Test X-Spurt-blue
Mastitis Test X-Spurt-blue
RMT testing has always been quite a tedious procedure either slowing up milking considerably or requiring an extra hand in the shed. The X-Spurt paddle makes RMT testing a fast and efficient one-hand operation as the 300ml (10fl.oz) X-Spurt reagent reservoir is also the handle for the paddle.
Milk is entered in the paddle chambers and the paddle tilted in the normal way to reduce the samples to the usual 3ml (0.1fl.oz). A quick squeeze of the X-Spurt handle then enters equal amounts of reagent at the same time to all four samples. Swirling the paddle mixes the samples for usual coagulation recognition.
The bottle capacity is 300ml, enough to RMT test about 15 cows. For continuous testing, keep extra filled bottles handy. Replacement reservoir bottles, with cap, are available.
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