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Very durable container and dip cup for navel dipping. Use iodine or other sanitiser. Dip whole navel cord.
Liquid returns to handle when stood up. Belt hook for convenience, does not spill.
Dipping navel is reputed to be more effective than spraying.  

Tips for effective navel dipping:
Use 7 percent tincture iodine designed for navels. Teat dips contain substances that slow the drying process of the navel down and thereby reduce the effectiveness of dipping. The drying of the navel makes the healing process much quicker.

Make sure to achieve full coverage from tip to abdomen. A navel dip cup is good to use to ensure full coverage of the navel, but be sure dip cups are also cleaned and refilled with new iodine regularly.

If clipping the navel, be sure equipment used is clean and sanitized. Be advised that clipping the navel too short can expose the opening in the body cavity, making it more readily available to organisms.

Can be used for newborn calves, sheep and goats.

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