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Barbers Pole Worm nearly kills our goat

Little Man survives Barbers Pole Worm

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How to choose a Pressure Canner?

Pressure canning is the only method recommended safe for low-acid foods. In the USA bottling is called canning and a pressure canner is a common household item there. It can be used to bottle fruit on the stove top and is considered to be the only safe way to bottle low acid foods such as veget

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What canning / preserving unit should I get?

One of the most common questions we get is "Which preserving unit should I get?

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63 Uses for mason jars that you probably haven’t thought of!

When it comes to Pinterest crafts, the mason jar reigns supreme. That’s probably because there’s just so much you can do with it, from making beautiful wedding centerpieces to prepping to-go salads in a jar. Plus, most of the crafts we discovered are simple to do too, since they only require a few

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Dive into Dehydrating

There are a number of effective ways to preserve surplus food and one of the easiest options is to dehydrate food. In this article we look at why you should dehydrate your food; what dehydrator should you buy; our free recipe for delicious homemade beef jerky and a link to a fantasti

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Fermented Drinks Allowed for Dry July!

Kefir is made by adding culture to milk or non dairy milk and letting it ferment overnight. Kefir is high in minerals and vitamins and tastes like a mildly tangy yoghurt drink. Our Kefir complete kit is perfect for anyone wanting to start out with their own home fermented kefir: the culture is a p

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Paralysis Ticks Abound!

Paralysis ticks are native to Australia and their natural hosts are marsupials, principally bandicoots, but also others such as echidnas, possums and wallabies. They also infest cattle, horses, other livestock and domestic pets.

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Kefir the (VERY) Healty alternative!

Alcoholic drinks are made by a process of fermentation, but not all fermented drinks are alcoholic, and many have additional health benefits which could enhance the benefits of your dry month.  What’s more, they don’t take a long time to ferment!

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Sour about the dough!

What’s the deal about sourdough bread anyway?

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