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Nut Mylk Kit DIY

Nut Mylk Kit DIY
Nut Mylk Kit DIY
Nut Mylk Kit DIY
Nut Mylk Kit DIY
Nut Mylk Kit DIY

No it’s not a typo: mylk is the word used to describe non dairy versions of milk.

Many of the nut mylks sold in supermarkets contain lots of fillers and not much of the actual nutty goodness.

When you make your own, you know exactly what it going into your finished product.

he Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit contains everything you need to create, experiment and perfect your nut mylk time and time again. It is the perfect set up for those that want to or already consume nut mylk regularly. Designed to be used in any kitchen, just add nuts!  Typically you will use 1 cup of nuts for 1 litre of nut mylk.

Recipes for turmeric mylk, raw cacao hazelnut mylk, maple pecan mylk and berry macadamia mylk smoothie are included.

Kit Contains:
• 1 L (1 US quart) Glass Jar
• 1 L (1 US quart) Glass Bottle
• 2 x Metal Closure Lids
• 1 x Adjustable Stand
• 1 x Nut Mylk Bag
• 1 x How to Guide

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