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Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) is popular for use in gardens to control insects in a chemical free way.

Diatomite stimulates healthy growth of plant root systems. It conditions the soil by making silica available to plants and by helping the soil to retain moisture. It retains water in potting mixes and is used as a grass underlay.

It has a growing use in agriculture. For a long time it has been used as an addition to ammonium nitrate fertilizers to prevent caking and ensure even spreading. It is important as a carrier for other agricultural products, particularly fertilizers.

Diatomite plays a role in stock feeds and lick blocks. Diatomite Fines Grades are used in a number of commercial, proprietary animal feed preparations. The product Molodri, which is a blend of liquid molasses and diatomite is popular as a feed attractant and appetite stimulant for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. Because it’s a powder it’s easy to mix with other stock feeds.

Diatomaceous earth fines can be applied liberally around plants for the control of slugs, snails and other chewing animals.

It can be used on walkways to control ant trails.

It can be added to stock food or rubbed into the animal fur.  This may have benefits to the overall health of the animals.

Please note that if food is intended for human consumption, we recommend the use of Absorbacide, the only diatomaceous earth product currently available in Australia that has been approved by the APVMA as safe for use as a food grade insecticide and for potential control of parasites in livestock.

Note that the weight is the weight when packed.  Some settling can occur over time and actual weight can be affected by weather and prevailing humidity.

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