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Oxygen Absorber 300CC Pack of 50

Oxygen Absorber 300CC Pack of 50
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Oxygen Absorber 300CC Pack of 50
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Oxygen absorbers are used to protect packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mould growth, colour change, loss of nutritive values, insect damage and loss of quality.

By removing residual oxygen inside packaging to below 0.01% this 300CC oxygen absorber effectively preserves packaged foods without the need for food additives/preservatives and without the need for vacuum sealing.

For use in gallon-size Mylar bags.

Pattern on packet may differ to the photo.

In general terms, a 300CC o2 absorber should suffice for our 2 sizes of mylar bags.   If you have light food that takes up more volume / has more air you may also add an additional 100cc oxygen absorber or 2.

To calculate the exact amount of oxygen absorber capacity you need you can use this formula:

Multiple the volume of the sealed part of your container /bag in cm: ie length in cm x width in cm x depth in cm

Weigh the contents in grams and subtract this from the result of the above equation.

This gives you the volume of air in your package.  The amount of oxygen in air is very approximately 20% so to get the volume in your package multiple the end result by 0.2.

Example: you have a sealed mylar bag that measures 30 x 20 x 2 cm and the contents weigh 800g.  The air volume is 1200 - 800  = 400.  400 x 0.2 = 80.  For this bag you would use 1 x 100cc absorber.

If the weight of the product was 200g the equation would be 1200 - 200= 1000 x 0.2 = 200.  For this you would use 2 x 100cc absorbers or 1 x 300cc absorber.

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