Ozfarmer Cattle Prodder Battery Charged Cattle Prod Animal Deterrent Protection

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A very handy prodder with a high power output of around 4000 V. Perfect to have on hand when moving cattle as it fits well into most pockets.

Also works well when working in close proximity with smaller animals such as goats, sheep and alpacas.

For use on animals only and not on humans.  This is not a taser.

Powered by 4 AA batteries.
Output 4000V 

An excellent feature is the thumb-operated On/Off switch.

Weight only 275gm and includes a wrist lanyard to help prevent losing it.

Supplied complete.

The amperage is something we are not supplied with from the manufacturers but the voltage instead. It is hard to test the exact amperage from a prodder, but it is known they have a high voltage output and very low amps which is similar to that of an electric fence. Anything that touches the electric current from a prodder receives a high-voltage, low current shock which is not enough to cause serious harm or death but a fairly painful shock.

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