CT -  refers to continuous thread lid

Jar Type



Shape / design




Pressure Canning Blending Water Bath & Candlemaking Fermenting

4oz Jam Jelly

70mm CT


Round Smooth

4oz / 120ml approx

8oz Round Smooth

70mm CT


Round Smooth

8oz / 240ml approx

12oz Round Smooth

70mm CT


Round Smooth

12oz / 340ml approx

16oz Straight Sides

83mm CT 11cm Round Smooth Straigh Sides  16oz / 480ml approx

16oz Pint Smooth

70mm CT 13.5cm Round Smooth Regular Mouth  16oz / 480ml approx

32oz Round Smooth

70mm CT


Round Smooth

32oz / 950ml approx

32oz High Shoulder

70mm CT


Round with high shoulders

32oz / 950ml approx

64oz Half Gallon Smooth

110mm CT 16cm

Extra Wide Mouth.

Squatter, Round and Wider 

64oz / 1900ml approx

128oz Round Smooth Gallon

110mm CT 25cm

Extra Wide Mouth Gallon Jar.

Smooth, Round. 

128oz / 3800ml approx

8oz Dairy Square

43mm CT


French Square Dairy Bottles

8oz / 240ml approx

16oz Diary Square

48mm CT


French Square Diary Bottles

16oz / 450ml approx

32oz Dairy Square


58mm CT 12.7cm French Square Dairy Bottles 32oz / 950ml approx

8oz Square Mason Jar

70mm CT 9.2cm Square Bell Jar with embossed sides.  8oz / 240ml approx

16oz Square Mason Jar

70mm CT 13cm Square Bell Jar with embossed sides 16oz / 480ml approx

26oz Square Mason Jar

70mm CT 16cm Square Bell Jar with embossed sides 26oz / 770ml approx

22oz Queenline Honey Jars

63mm CT 17cm Riged sides with label panel 22oz / 650ml approx

24oz Thumbprint jars

89mm CT 12.5cm Round with "thumbprint" imprint on top of jars 4oz / 700ml approx

16oz Stout Sauce Bottle

38mm CT 18cm Round with thin neck 16oz / 450ml approx


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