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Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr

Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr
Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr
Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr
Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr
Peta Dispenser Bloat 24hr
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Controls bloat the efficient, economical way
With a PETA Dispenser you can control bloat easily through dispensing bloat control material in the drinking trough. Simply place in the trough and the job is done.
    Say ‘Goodbye’ to the drudgery of drenching!
    Dispenses bloat control material in drinking trough water.
    The correct amount of treatment dispensed per-animal per-day, regardless of herd size.
    24-hour output matches the drinking pattern of animals.

Spring is the most common time for bloat to occur. Bloat is caused by a stable foam developing on top of the rumen liquid which blocks the release of the gas. Initial signs of bloat can develop within an hour of cows moving onto pasture, especially in hungry cows. In extreme cases death can occur within 15 minutes after developing bloat. It can be quite unpredictable.  It is therefore vital that you use effective bloat control.
PETA Bloat Dispensers are designed to dispense bloat treatment liquids, such as Bloatenz, in water troughs for highly efficient bloat control.  The unique design of PETA Dispensers provides powerful treatment without the drudgery of twice daily drenching. PETA Dispensers have been manufactured and proven for almost 40 years. Simply place in the trough and your job is done.
PETA Bloat Dispensers use less bloat control material than drenching but dose your stock more effectively. When diluted in drinking water the bloat control is absorbed more easily into the cows’ system than it is with concentrated drench. This means the PETA Dispensers use a much lower but fully effective dose.
This allows bloat treatment to be carried out for a longer period at the same cost. More importantly, the toxic side effects from drenching with the concentrate are avoided.
The 24-hour dispenser means that each treatment lasts 24 hours.  This is the most efficient way to treat dry stock such as beef and  sheep, and is ideal for run offs, and other farm stock.
The dispenser must be placed in the trough in the morning before major drinking begins. The dispensing rate of the 24-hour dispenser matches the drinking pattern of 24-hour grazing herds.


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