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Killtix Tick and Flea Dog Collar up to 5 Months Protection

Killtix Tick and Flea Dog Collar up to 5 Months Protection

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Killtix Tick & Flea Dog Collar up to 5 month protection
  • Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs
    Bay-o-Pet Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs is a collar used to control brown dog ticks, bush ticks and fleas for up to 5 months and aid in the control of paralysis ticks for 6 weeks.


    Directions for Use
    Killtix collar controls ticks and fleas and provides protection against some ticks for up to 5 months.  Buckle collar comfortably aound the dog's neck (so that 2 to 3 fingers can be inserted easily between collar and dog's neck). Cut off any excess length of the collar and dispose of it.  Daily searching of the entire body and removal of ticks is recommended, paying particular attention to the area in and around the ears.

    Do not use this product on puppies less than 12 weeks old, sick or convalescing dogs. Do not use on animals undergoing treatment with any other organophosphate based products including rinses, shampoos, sprays, collars and oral treatments. Organophosphate products may also be known as an anti-cholinesterase compound. Do not allow animals to chew the collar. Seek veterinary advice if the collar is chewed. Remove collar immediately should signs of skin irritation or other side effects occur. DO NOT USE ON CATS.

    Side Effects
    Side effects of Flumethrin and Propoxur from the collar are uncommon. The side effects may occur due to accidental ingestion of the collar, use with other organophosphate based products or unexpected sensitivity. Signs may include vomiting, diarrhoea, salivation, lethargy and neurologic signs (weakness, paralysis). If your pet shows any of these signs or other abnormal behaviour or unusual signs, remove the collar and contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Active ingredients
    22.5g/kg Flumethrin, 100g/kg Propoxur

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