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Plastic Screw Trocar 5mm

Plastic Screw Trocar 5mm
Plastic Screw Trocar 5mm

Bloat can occur in any type of ruminant, and generally occurs when they start grazing on very lush feed.  It can also occur when feeding grain.

Bloat needs to be treated, because if it goes unchecked it can cause excess pressure on the animail’s diaphragm and lungs, and in the worst case scenario causes death due to asphixiation. 

We always recommend consulting with a vet in such cases and generally it is recommended that you first attempt to stomach tube the animal to release the gas. 

A trocar is used for relief of animals suffering chronic bloat. The device is especially useful for young stock. The cannular can be left inserted for up to 3 weeks without harm (holes provided on the trocar allow you to stitch it to the hide to hold it in place). The threaded portion holds the rumen against the peritoneum preventing peritonitis.
Stainless steel pin. Cannula bore 5mm.

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