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Pressure Canners and Waterbaths

When preserving products you need to discern if the product to be preserved is acidic or non acidic.  The majority of fruits are acidic, whilst the majority of vegetables are non acidic.  Some borderline foods can be made acidic through the addition of lemon juice or vinegar.

Acidic foods can be preserved by waterbath canning: this process brings products up to boiling temperature for a specified period to kill moulds and enzymes.  This method is recommended for most fruits, jams, chutneys and jellies.


Non acidic foods cannot be preserved in a waterbath because bacteria will thrive in a non acidic environment and temperatures need to exceed boiling point to kill off bacteria.   This can be achieved by the use of a pressure canner which is a specialised pressure cooker for food preserving.  Pressure canning should be done using tested recipes and if in doubt always err on the side of caution and treat your food as non acidic and preserve by pressure canning rather than waterbathing.


Waterbaths are large vessels which can be boiled either on a stove top or via an electric device. They include a rack to keep the jars off the bottom of the canner.


Pressure canners come in 2 basic types: ones such as the Presto canner which use a rubber gasket similar to a standard pressure cooker and the All American pressure canner which uniquely uses a metal on metal seal.

Model: 50X240
Electric Steriliser / Autoclave All American 25 Quart (24 Litre) 50X-240VWisconsin Aluminum Foundry was first in the field to develop an immersion-type pressure sterilizer for physicians’ offices, hospitals and laboratories. It is often used in agriculture / horticulture to sterilise soils for seeds and growing mediafor mushrooms.  The electric ALL-AMERICAN Sterilizer is a complete, self-c..
Ex Gst:$1,268.18
Model: 2040
All American Pressure Canner 2040 Rubber Overpressure PlugAll American rubber overpressure plug: suits All American pressure canners.The overpressure plug should be replaced every two years at minimum and whenever it becomes hard or deformed.For maximum life on the plugs, the opening where the plug sits should be checked and cleaned as required at least monthly during periods of use. ..
Ex Gst:$9.05
Model: AA-151
All American Pressure Canner AA-151 RackThese racks have a 11.5" diameter and so suit all but the smallest (10.5quart) All American pressure canners.They also fit All American sterilisers, models 1941X and 75X, and Presto 23 quart cans.Extra racks are useful if you are canning small jars which can be stacked more than 2 high in the canner...
Ex Gst:$23.64
Model: AA-68
All American Pressure Canner AA-68 Pressure Regulator5 / 10 /15 psi weight regulator, suits all All American pressure canners..
Ex Gst:$32.68
Model: AA-69
Vent pipe, suits all All American pressure canners..
Ex Gst:$18.14
Model: AA-72
Replacement pressure gauge to suit all All American pressure canners...
Ex Gst:$31.82
Model: AA-2164
This aluminium container is designed to fit the All American Steriliser Model 1941X.  Height 8 1⁄2" / 21.6cm    Diameter 11 1⁄8" / 28.3cm    Circumference 35 7⁄8" / 91.1cm    Capacity 14.5 qt / 13.7 liter    Volume 835in3 / 13,688cm3..
Ex Gst:$120.00
Model: KR4200
This is a pot that you don’t know you need it until you have it!It combines the functions of many types of cooker in one, is tall and skinny so it can fit on the fourth burner when the entire stove is covered in pots, or can just be used in very small kitchens or caravans, when you don’t want to cook up lots of food or you have a couple of jars you want to preserve and it really doesn’t merit ..
Ex Gst:$81.77
Model: Ozfarmer SS Preserver
This Australian made Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Electric Preserving Unit allows you to preserve food with the ease and convenience of a Automatic thermostatically controlled electric unit.These high quality stainless steel electric preservers have a fresh new design but are still proven performers all around the world because they are safe, reliable and long lasting. They have an indicator lig..
Ex Gst:$344.55
Model: Presto 6green
Includes 6 Green Heritage Quart JarsNote: picture shows the standard 15psi regulator but the Ozfarmer custom option replaces this regulator with the superior 3 piece regulator.Imported directly from the Presto factory and custom made for Ozfarmer we proudly present the Presto Pressure Canner & Cooker.  In the USA bottling is called canning and this unit is a common hou..
Ex Gst:$181.77
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