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Prowling Owl Bird Scarer Pest Deterrent

Prowling Owl Bird Scarer Pest Deterrent
Prowling Owl Bird Scarer Pest Deterrent
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Prowling Owl Bird Scarer Pest Deterrent

This Prowling Owl deterrent is very effective against pest birds and rodents.  Owls are one of the most feared predators of other bird species.
The Owl’s flapping wings rise and fall as the head and airfoil body move in the breeze.Thelife size, the rustling noise of the wings in the breeze and the perpetually moving, hunting posture make the Prowling Owl one of the most realistic pest deterrents available.
The superbly detailed Prowler Owl has a wingspan of 1.1 metres and is 71cm from head to tail with a head diameter of 18cm. Its head is made from hard resin and the body and wings are made from extremely tough woven fabric (strong-weave iron hide) which is supported by flexible
cablesandrivetted struts.
  • wingspan of more than 1 metre
  • highly visible intimidating eyes
  • wings that lift & fall in the breeze
  • wings crackle in the wind
  • simple to install and easily relocated
  • The owl is most effective if it is mounted on a pole (the higher the better).  There is a socket on the bottom of the body which accommodates a pole.

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