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Ratshot Difenacoum Blue Blocks for Mice and Rats All Weather blocks

Ratshot Difenacoum Blue Blocks for Mice and Rats All Weather blocks

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iO Ratshot Blocks BLUE is deadly to mice & rats. It also reduces the risk for secondary poisoning for dogs, cats, birds, native animals, livestock.

Ready to use Baits for BALANCED RODENT CONTROL indoors and out.

Like no other anticoagulant bait RATSHOT with DIFenacoum is different by targeting both rats and mice much more specifically.
The table shows how effective RATSHOT with Difenacoum is on mice and rats but equally important shows the difference in lower toxicity compared to other rodenticides making it the product of choice in sensitive baiting areas around children, pets, birds, wildlife and livestock in commercial, agriculture and domestic situations.

RATSHOT employs the A.I Difenacoum, delivering significant advantages to customers in a number of ways.
Most rat and mouse specific anticoagulant rodenticide
Relatively low amounts of bait to kill rats and mice
Now the product of choice for customers who need effective control with reduced risk
Science based formulation, tasty paste and all-weather blocks (Always read the approved label)
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