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Green Manure Mix Seed Autumn Winter Variety Organically Certified

Green Manure Mix Seed Organically Certified

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Green Manure Mix Seed  Autumn/Winter Variety Organically Certified

A mix of seeds for  Autumn/Winter. This mix ensures green leaf for soil biota and legumes which will fix nitrogen into your soil.

Autumn/Winter - Oats, Chickpea, Barley mix.
500g will cover approximately 30 metres2

Broadcast seed over the growing area and keep moist for 5-7 days. Better germination and plant growth will be achieved when the soil is lighly tilled just before sowing seeds.

Green  Manure:
The varieties used in the mix have many uses in providing mulch, nitrogen fixation to the soil, organic matter, which can be slashed or turned in, and also providing a broad range of nutrients. These varieties have many other uses. Legumes can be sown on their own or with existing vegetation, or grown with grass and grain species.  We recommend with low fertility soils that some type of nutrients be added initially in an organic form to help the green manure along. Grasses and grains can be grown on their own if fertility is good, thus providing bulk organic matter when slashed.

Packet Size: 100g and 250g



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