Steripur Odour Absorbing Capsules For Fermentation suit Sterilock Airlock

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  • UNIQUE ODOUR ABSORBING CAPSULES  – SteriPUR Capsules absorb ‘ALL’ food fermentation odours.
  • LONG LASTING - When fitted to the SteriLOCK Airlock each SteriPUR Capsule will last over at least 5 separate food fermentations.
  • FITS IN SECONDS - Simply remove the SteriLOCK lid and insert the white end of the SteriPUR Capsule into the airlock.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE - Simply remove and discard the SteriPUR Capsule after use.
  • SMALL IS USEFUL - Even with the odour capsule fitted, the SteriLOCK stands a miniscule 5cm above the fermentation lid. That’s a huge 12cm shorter than a standard bubbler airlock.
Many foodies love the aromas produced by fermenting foods – others (usually partners and other family members) can be a little more sniffy on the subject. Differing points of view that can now be resolved by the unique Sterilock Odour Absorbing Capsule. Optionally fitted in seconds to a Sterilock, the capsule’s activated carbon absorbs all fermentation odours over a minimum of 5 seperate ferments.

Available as a single item or larger packs.

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