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Small animal digital thermometer

Small animal digital thermometer
Small animal digital thermometer
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Small animal digital thermometer

Being able to tell if your animal is running a temperature can be a very handy first step in diagnosing a sick animal and what treatment to follow. An animal with a temperature higher than the usual range may need veterinary attention and /or antibiotics.
This small digital thermometer is four times faster than ordinary glass thermometers. Beeps signals when to read temperature. 
The temperature is shown on the display, so no twisting or squinting to read. The display also retains the last temperature reading. 
Range 32° C to 44° C. Length 12cm. 
Supplied in plastic case. Works on small round battery, supplied.
Following are normal temperatures for animals in degrees centigrade:
Cat: 38.0 - 38.5
Dog: 38.2 - 38.7
Sheep: 38.4 - 41.0
Goat: 38.4 - 41.0
Deer: 39.0 - 40.0
Pig: 38.2 - 40.5
Cow: 38.6 - 39.0
Horse: 36.6 - 38.1

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