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Soap Dispenser Heritage PURPLE Ball Mason

Soap Dispenser Heritage PURPLE Ball Mason
Soap Dispenser Heritage PURPLE Ball Mason

Are you tired of plastic soap dispensers that hardly even last? 

Looking for a dispenser that looks great but can be refilled time after time and give you reliable dispensing?

The Ball soap dispenser is the solution.  It features a stainless steel pump mounted on a purple Ball pint jar.


  • Ball Mason limited edition purple pint jar which is not painted but has the colour in the glass so it won’t fade or wash off over time
  • A unique look to add to your bathroom or kitchen
  • Reliable stainless steel pump that won’t corrode
  • Refillable jar that can be used for liquid soap, lotions and oils

Jar is 130mm high and 75mm wide. With dispenser, it is 185mm high.

The capacity is US Pint which is approximately 450ml.

Item can only be used with mild hand soap and should be filled no higher than 3cm below the top of the jar.  This dispenser does not dispense foaming soap.

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