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Solar Electrified Poultry Netting Kit
Shipping via courier to a physical address. 

Express available at additional charge.

Electrified poultry netting ensures safe and secure keeping of outdoor poultry. Eggs are safe. Predators or over-inquisitive pets are kept at bay.

This kit includes everything you need to set up your own poultry run quickly and easily.
2.5km solar energiser with internal battery
50 metres poultry netting
1000m galvanised earth stake
Electric fence warning sign

The netting is 112cm high x 50m long and incorporates 12 horizontal electrified strands. Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires, bottom wire is not electrified, UV stabilised plastic
Electrification of all strands is by a combined loom at each end complete with simple clips for attachment to any electrified fence wire. Fence lengths can easily be connected for longer runs. Each 50m long fence incorporates 14 tread-in posts. Orange colour is highly visible.

The energiser is sufficient to power 1 - 2 lengths of netting.  If you need to power additional lengths, you need to purchase an energiser rated for 7.5km and higher. For 4 lengths, the recommendation is at minimum a 10km energiser, for 8 lengths a 25km energiser.  A significant amount of voltage is lost when lengths are joined and hence the recommendation of a stronger energiser to ensure adequate power through the entire length of netting.


This item is sent directly from our supplier via courier.  Please provide a daytime contact phone number to coordinate delivery.


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