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The Dutch Style Cheese Press will make a cheese connoisseur out of anyone.
One of the most powerful, hygienic, and durable presses on the market today, this Dutch-style model is made from sanitary 304 series stainless steel and features a 4-to-1 weight ratio that generates as much as 50 lbs. of force.
It also boasts 8 perforations for easy draining, a 0.5-gallon food grade plastic weight holder, matching mold cylinder, and removable rubber feet.
This press yields up to 3 lbs. of any kind of hard cheese you wish and can be taken apart with a screwdriver for quick cleaning.
38 cm x 38cm x 27cm high
The plastic bucket can be filled with a variety of materials to achieve different weights.  Alternatively a separate 10lb weight can be purchased.
Press comes flatpacked and needs a screwdriver and spanner for simple assembly.

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