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Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin

100 g/L Bifenthrin

For the control of adult Mosquitoes and midges

Surefire  MOSQUITO  &  MIDGE  SLAYER,  containing  100g/L  Bifenthrin,  is  a  powerful knockdown  and  residual  pesticide.  Mosquitoes  and  midges  are  controlled  by  direct  contact  with  spray  and  also by  residual  action  as  they  come  into  contact  with treated surfaces.
Residual   Surface  Treatments:
Apply prepared solution to indoor and outdoor surfaces where insects rest or harbour. Internal harbourage sites include (but are not restricted to) areas such as walls, fly screens, behind and under sinks, under furniture  and indoor plants. External harbourage sites include (but are not restricted to) areas such as building  exteriors, eaves, walls, fences, also garages, sheds, gazebos, ornamental plants, bushes, shrubs, hedges, shady or damp areas around buildings. Reapply as necessary.
When applying to vegetation, ensure that spray penetrates entire plant or hedge and covers both leaf surfaces.
Perimeter treatments:
Apply the prepared solution to a band of soil or vegetation two to three metres wide around and adjacent to the structure. Also treat the foundation of the structure to a height of approximately one metre. Use a spray volume of 5 to 10 L per 100 m2
Higher volumes of water may be needed if organic matter is present or foliage is dense.
DO NOT use this product at less than label rates.
DO NOT apply to mud, sand mangrove or aquatic habitat. 
DO NOT apply as an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatment or via thermal fogging equipment


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