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The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit Make fresh, soft and hard cheeses

The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit Make fresh, soft and hard cheeses

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The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit Make fresh, soft and hard cheeses

Cheese making is not as hard as it might sound and with this cheese kit, even a beginner can make a range of cheeses to astound your friends and family!

The Great Ozi Cheese Making Kit contains ingredients to make up to 15kg of cheese!, depending on the types of cheeses you choose!

Select from a range of soft Italian cheeses as well as some basic hard cheeses; try your hand at popular cheeses such as mozarella, feta, ricotta, haloumi, paneer, cheddar, gouda, monterey jack, parmesan and more.

The kit comes complete with a recipe book tempting you to a range of different cheeses.

Kit Includes:

  • Vegetarian Rennet 50ml
  • Mesophilic culture with sterile storage container
  • Cheese Salt 250g
  • Cheese cloth
  • Citric Acid 75g
  • Calcium Chloride 50ml
  • Cheese mould
  • Stainless Steel Thermometer with long probe
  • Kit Instructions and Recipes (note that the recipe book includes recipes which will require extra ingredients in addition to those provided in the kit)

Comes in a gift box making it a great idea for that hard-to-buy for person!

No need to buy a new kit if you want to make different cheese!

The kit provides you with the basics for most common "beginner's level"cheeses.  You can upgrade the kit to include extra items for more advanced or specialised cheeses, eg:

Add lipase if you want the true authentic flavours of feta cheese.

Buy Flora Danica culture and you can also make sour cream, buttermilk, creme fraiche and more.

Buy Camembert culture and a brie mould to make French cheese styles.

Buy a cheese press and cheese moulds with a pressing plate if you want to make hard cheeses (note that French style and hard cheeses also need to be matured at a constant temperature: generally a fridge is too dry for this and we recommend the use of a wine fridge to mature your cheeses.)

Buy a specialised cheese making book for more recipes 

We do recommend that if you are a beginner, try making some easy soft cheeses (fetta, haloumi, yoghurt cheese, etc) first before venturing into more advanced styles such as hard cheese, blue / white or smeared rind cheeses.  

Replacement ingredients are readily available from Ozfarmer when you need more.

Note that cultures and rennet can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months but to prolong the life of these products we recommend storing the cultures in the freezer and the rennet in the fridge.  The short time out of the fridge/freezer for freight purposes has a negligible effect on these products.

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