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Tie Out Cable

Tie Out Cable
Tie Out Cable
Tie Out Cable
Tie Out Cable

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Tie Out Cable

Sometimes you might want to have your animals outdoors in a space where there is no fence and you aren’t able to supervise them the entire time. 

In these instances, the use of a tie out cable might be appropriate.  With this system, you can attach the cable to a tie out anchor at the middle of a circle which will have a diameter the length of the cable you use.

We recommend that you use it with the Tie Out Anchor.


  • The inner core is made of steel cable which will hold the weight of most small animals.
  • The steel is coated in plastic which protects the cable from wear and from the elements
  • The strong swivel snap hooks make it easy to attach one end to the dog collar and the other end to the anchor. 


Choose the length you want.  We do not recommend joining 2 shorter cables with the swivel hooks as it gives you another potential failure point.

This tie-out cable can be used for dogs, goats, sheep, calves, or any small animal you want to secure.  Works on errant husbands too if you can get the collar on first!


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