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Trap Double Entry Folding Kerbl

Trap Double Entry Folding Kerbl
Trap Double Entry Folding Kerbl
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This double entry trap features double guillotine-style doors.
The advantage of a double door trap is that the animal to be caught does not perceive any danger, as it can see right through the trap. Bait is not necessarily required.
This is also especially effective if the trap is camouflaged with grass or branches.
It also helps if the trap is left in place so that grass or weeds grow through the wire mesh floor.
The guillotine-style doors close very fast, as soon as there is the slightest pressure or movement on the central foot plate - baited or unbaited. Even the quickest animal is unlikely to escape. The trapped animal is unharmed.
This trap is ideal for larger animals such as large cats, possums, and foxes.
Dimensions are 100cmL x 26cmW x 32cmH. Assembly instructions included.

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