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Trap Magpie

Trap Magpie
Trap Magpie
Trap Magpie
Trap Magpie
Trap Magpie
Large round cage trap with 4 entrances. A separate central round cage area is for placement of bait or decoy bird.
*Each entrance is a separate compartment where bird cannot escape, or eat bait or decoy.
Up to 4 birds can be caught at one time.
Trap should be placed in an open area, not under a tree. The bait or decoy is the most important element of this trap.
If one type is not successful, another must be tried.
Dimensions: 80cm diameter x 32cm high.
All metal construction.
*Ideally a live magpie is used. This can be fed and watered in the central cage for short periods as others are caught.


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