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1 x Weck Jar 1 Litre Soap Dispenser

1 x  Weck Jar 1 Litre Soap Dispenser
1 x Weck Jar 1 Litre Soap Dispenser
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  • Model: 1 Litre Juice Soap Dispenser Single

Weck 1 litre Soap Dispenser with Stainless Steel Pump

Have you noticed how just about everything comes in plastic containers these days?  Liquid soap is no exception and when the pump is empty usually the pump has stopped working properly so even if you have bought a refill container of soap, there is now no way to dispense it.  Argh, how frustrating!

This problem is solved with the Weck Soap Dispenser 1 Litre soap dispenser.

Made from a quality glass jar, you know this dispenser is not going to break down like plastic does.  And let's face it, a fancy glass dispenser in your bathroom is going to get a few admiring comments!

The pump is made of stainless steel and it's made to last so you can feel confident when you buy that large refill bottle of soap that litre after litre, the pump will keep going strong.

To add to the eco friendly nature of the jar, it comes complete with a natural rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clips which hold the lid assembly in place, prevent leakage and rusting.

The jars are made of high quality tempered glass manufactured in Germany.

Fill them with liquid soap for use in the bathroom and laundry, or with dishwashing liquid for the kitchen.  Some customers also use them as cooking oil dispensers

  • Heavy duty reusable jar that won't deteriorate
  • Weck glass jars are free of chemicals and contaminants
  • Airtight natural rubber seal that can be replaced if needed
  • Stainless steel pump for long term reliability
  • Attractive German styling make it a feature in any bathroom, laundry or kitchen

Please note: These dispensers come as complete units ONLY.  Dispenser lids are not available as an individual purchase.

Dimensions300mm high with 60mm mouth and 70mm diameter; 1062ml capacity

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