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What our customers say about Ozfarmer Australia!

Sarah posted 14/07/2017

Finally, a company using re-purposed/recycled packaging! Bravo. Will shop again!

edward gorry posted 13/07/2017
edward gorry

Works well! Packs a punch!

James Lockley posted 13/07/2017
James Lockley

Nice jars thanks!

Shirley posted 05/07/2017

Have purchased from you a few times now. Excellent range of products, fast and efficient service. Good communication via email. I always enjoy looking at new products and check the site regularly; I used to get a Newsletter but haven't had one for a while. I have recommended this site to friends and family - anyone can buy from this site with confidence!

Debbie Moorcroft posted 29/06/2017
Debbie Moorcroft

Awesome product Thankyou

Bronwyn Palmer posted 27/06/2017
Bronwyn Palmer

This is great, I use it to make cold brew coffee and it works fabulously .

Tony Tanner posted 21/06/2017
Tony Tanner

Product was sent fast and as described

Steve Unterrheiner posted 19/06/2017
Steve Unterrheiner

Thank you for the chance to express my appreciation for the excellent standard of service and goods that your company has supplied to myself and, I'm sure, to many other customers as well. The products I have purchased from Ozfarmers have always been of the best quality and delivered with an amazing swiftness. A company that would be easier recommended to others. Thank you .

Arnold COOK posted 19/06/2017
Arnold COOK

Yes..very pleased with this product. Works like a beauty. Delivers a spine tingling zap.

Arnold COOK posted 19/06/2017
Arnold COOK

Yes..very pleased with this product. Works like a beauty. Delivers a spine tingling zap.

danni posted 08/06/2017

I went off at you guys for the late delivery and I need to apologise as I now know that its not your fault... thanks again for your support.

Karen posted 26/05/2017

Just got my order, way faster than I expected! Thank you Oz team!!

Gary Hargraves posted 28/04/2017
Gary Hargraves

Thanks for the memories guys, great service! And freindly staff!

Lee Simpson posted 18/01/2017
Lee Simpson

Great service. Great products. Well packaged. Friendly and understanding enough to catch my order and switch out an item after I had placed it online.

Meg Brideson posted 18/01/2017
Meg Brideson

Wow - these guys are awesome. The ordering process was so easy, I got updates on delivery text to my phone and the products arrived in Melbourne in 2 days. I did my research and their product was the cheapest and I could not fault the delivery. I of course love the Ball Mason jars.

Karen Haslop posted 12/01/2017
Karen Haslop

Great company very professional. Had everything I needed with really fast shipping thanks!

Facebook Message posted 30/12/2016
Facebook Message

I ordered 36 half pint mason jars for these guys. They took 2 days to arrive. I also messed up with the order and they were extremely helpful and quick to fix the problem. The product I received was perfect for what I was doing. I am using them a spice storage in my kitchen. I am very pleased with my purchase and with definitely be ordering from these guys again. Thanks!

Jane posted 23/12/2016

Thanks Ozfarmers my order arrived safe and sound I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a make Australia great again new year!

Lynette D. posted 09/11/2016
Lynette D.

I ordered a regular mouth jar vacuum sealer yesterday.
I was super impressed when it arrived earlier today.
It was put to use immediately and worked very well.

Thank you for your speed in service and delivery. Well done.

PS I was waiting for an item from another company who used Australia post it took 6 working days.

Karen posted 19/10/2016

Thanks Ozfarmer my order arrived quickly.

Sarah Parker posted 04/10/2016
Sarah Parker

Hi just wanted to say thanks for the help with my account Amy. all is good now.

Bill Jackson posted 30/09/2016
Bill Jackson

Wow! that delivery was FAST!

Rebecca Ingerson posted 26/09/2016
Rebecca Ingerson

Great store everything I needed!

Chelsea Douglas posted 22/09/2016
Chelsea Douglas

I am am writting to you to say thankyou so much for my weck jars I ordered from you. They are very amazing products, they came by courier and the packaging was perfect. I can honestly say that I will be doing a lot more bussiness with you and look forward it. You do an amazing job in providing for your customers, once again thankyou so much.

Irene Kenny posted 04/07/2016
Irene Kenny

Would definitely deal with this company again.

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