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Brand: Whites
The MaxTensor Terminator and Tensioner is a unique design ideal for through-post and around-post tie off applications.   Quick and easy to use it saves valuable time tying off on single posts. It allows for easy re-tensioning over time.   Suitable for 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire (max load 400kg, 3.9kN) ..
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Brand: Whites
MaxTensor's exclusively patented system features all metal construction designed for maximum quality, reliability, and ease of use when joining and tensioning wire. Available in two sizes: • Medium for joining and tensioning fencing wire and fabricated fence is suitable for 1.8mm to 3.2mm wire (ma..
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Brand: Whites
Protect young plants and trees with these plastic tree tubes UV stable Help protect plants from pests and adverse weather Secure with 2 or 3 stakes (not included) 450mm x 350 mm  ..
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Brand: Whites
Whites Outdoor Weatherview Screen is a heavy duty clear tarp that allows light into living spaces and increases visibility in work spaces. Reinforced with a nylon weave for added strength and tear resistance, Weatherview Screen is ideal for:  ALLOWS NATURAL LIGHT INTO WORK & LIVING SPACES  ..
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Brand: Whites
Tree Tubes pack of 3, protect your plants from damage. Tree Tubes are a great way to protect small plants and saplings without moisture build up. Ideal for tubestock Install easily with stakes Prevent moisture build up UV Resistant Mounted onto three stakes*, they provide prote..
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30 x Handy Easi Ties for Plants
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Brand: Whites
Whites Easi Ties are cost effective, soft and gentle and very easy to use plant ties. Figure '8' shape fastens plants to stakes and wires easily and securely...
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Brand: Whites
Netting Clips for securing netting to line wires   “C” clip for securing netting Convenient pack of 500 Galvanised steel Use with our high quality c-clip pliers  ..
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Brand: Whites
These clips are designed for use in poultry cages, to clip netting together, ensuring a neat and tidy job with no wire ends protruding to cause harm. Simply applied with special applicator plier. Essential cage building material. Approx. 550 clips in 450gm bag. For bigger jobs buy in bulk with a 9..
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Brand: Whites
Dig Stop is a product designed to stop animals such as dogs, cats and possums from digging around trees or climbing trees. It is UV Stabilised and comes in a 300mm wide x 2 meter roll...
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Brand: Whites
Whites Downpipe Covers (pack of 2) keep leaves and debris from blocking your downpipe. Easy to install - simply slot it into standard 100mm x 50mm downpipe...
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Brand: Whites
Ideal for gardens, lawns and pots Cut to shape and locks in moisture Prevents weeds without chemicals The Felt Mulch Ring creates a natural barrier against weeds while locking in moisture and reducing watering. It is easily trimmed to fit around the base of trees and shrubs. 500mm size..
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Brand: Whites
• Re-tighten fencing over time to prevent wire sag • Available in two styles • Galvanised steel construction Ratchet (premium) and Handyman (economy) styles Ratchet Style (choose premium option) Galvanised steel ribbed frame • Smooth ratchet action • Up to 4.00mm wire • Taper..
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